Chrome Microphone/Sound Not Working

    Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit)

    Windows 10 x64 PRO 1607


    Cannot get sound (caller's voice) or microphone (my voice) to be heard. Not sure if that describes it but either end of the call, neither party can hear each other. My computer audibly makes the ring-out sound but once the call connects, no dice. Other calling services on the same computer, same Chrome (Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.) work no problem. Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts show me that Chrome recognizes my mic/speakers just fine.


    A) anyone else with this issue (no sound -- either end, DIGITS+Chrome)?

    B) any ideas on how to fix?



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        You may have inadvertently blocked the DIGITS web app from accessing the microphone, or may have the microphone setting set to "Do not allow sites to access your microphone."  Here's how to check:


        1) Go to Chrome settings

        2) Scroll to the bottom, and click on "Show advanced settings"

        3) Under Privacy, click on "Content settings"

        4) Scroll down to Microphone, and make sure that "Ask when a site requires access to your microphone" is selected

        5) Click on "Manage exceptions"
        6) In the Microphone exceptions, check if "" is listed.

        7) If it is listed, check that the behavior is "Allow." If set to "Block," click on the X to remove the entry, and re-load the DIGITS web app.

        8) Once the web app tries to access the microphone, when answering or making a call, you should see a microphone request. Make sure to click on Allow.


        Hope this helps!

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey hey, and thanks for participating in the DIGITS Beta!  Just wanted to check in and see if this troubleshooting flow resolved the issue for you.  Let us know if you're all fixed up when you have a moment!


          - Marissa


              Unfortunately no, the issue is not resolved. I had completed the steps mentioned by Mr. Inferno prior to his post as well as a repeat after to no avail. Still no sound on either end from Chrome. The exception Mr. Inferno is there AND I tried rolling back Chrome to a default state (uninstall, delete everything, reinstall, re-setup) and adding of that exception again, still nothing. Again Facebook/Google Hangouts/etc. still continue to work.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Oh no!  Well, that's no good - hearing one another is about as essential a function of a phone call as you can get.  I'm going to PM you in a few to get a little more information so that we can get a bug report filed for this issue.  Please keep an eye on your Inbox in a little bit!   Thank you so much for the feedback.


                  - Marissa

              • tmo_marissa



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