Multiple issues with web interface and app


    I am seeing a number of issues with the web interface and the app on my devices. Some I see are commented on already but I'll present them to add to the troubleshooting information.


    - Across both browsers (FF/Chrome) my contacts are present but my images aren't associated with their profiles and spaces are being displayed as "%20".


    - Across both browsers and phone my naming edits for my lines are not carried over from the configuration on my tablet.


    - On my phone the Digits app reports my Digits number as associated with my SIM and my actual SIM number as a Digits number.


    - On my phone I am unable to assign Digits as my primary SMS app so I get duplicate notifications for every message.


    - Chrome is having the disconnection issue already reported but FireFox doesn't seem to be affected.


    - My tablet seems to be working perfectly with both BETA programs (One line many devices and multiple lines one device) and is showing none of these issues.


    I'm happy to provide more detail as needed.


    Hope this helps,



    Here are the specifications for my hardware and software:

    PC: Win10 Pro x64, i7-6700k CPU, 64GB RAM

    Phone (Primary): Google Pixel XL v7.1.1

    Tablet (Secondary): Google Pixel C v7.1.1

    Chrome: v54.0.2840.99 m

    FireFox: v51.1.0

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      • banggugyangu

        I have also experienced the same behavior and a few extras.


        When attempting to sign into my google account to load contacts in Chrome, the button is unresponsive.  I have tested a few situations and linked the problem to being signed into my Google account in the Chrome browser itself.  In Firefox and Incognito mode within Chrome, the  button behaves as intended.  It's only when pre-logged into the Chrome browser that the problem happens.  The frequent disconnects while in chrome are prevalent as well like others have already said.


        Another thing I have noticed is that when connecting my Google account on Firefox, the contacts aren't transferred into Chrome browser.  This should be a consistent experience across all browsers and devices (You connect your contacts on one device/browser, and all devices and browsers are updated.)


        I know it's beta and I'm not complaining,  I'm simply providing feedback to make it better.  This service is something I've been hoping for a long time,  so I will do whatever I can to help make it great.

        • breakerfall

          Re your 4th point "- On my phone I am unable to assign Digits as my primary SMS app so I get duplicate notifications for every message."

          Since the Digits app is data based, I don't think it could (or should) be your default SMS app. It's really just there duplicating functionality (over data) that's already present (regular, non-data, SMS). I think you'd not want to be digits-signed into your primary number on your primary device. If you're purposely doing so, then you could just turn off notifications for the default SMS app.

            • mywifesgeek

              I see your point, but I would presume (hope) that the operational goal would be for these options and functionality is to be as seamless as possible. If I was to use this all the time I would want one interface for all my texts and calls and thus need to be able to set Digits as my default SMS and Phone apps.


              Technically, my primary number can be data based as well if I am using WiFi calling. :-)


              My hope by signing into my primary number in Digits on my primary device was to test if it could work as the default app and unify everything. But alas.

                • tmo_lauren

                  Hey there!

                  Sorry for the response delay! We are trying to catch up on everything we missed since before the holidays!


                  That said, thank you for all the feedback, we're syncing up bug reports.


                  Have you seen any changes from what you reported at time of post?



                    • banggugyangu

                      Still seeing frequent disconnects, personally.  Often times, this is coupled with inability to make line active.  Contact linking has to be done every login from Google contacts.  Using Android as a primary mobile platform, I have no desire to keep 2 different databases of contacts current, permanent linking of Google contacts to digits would be best.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hey mywifesgeek and banggugyangu, thank you so much for your patience.  Would you be open to providing some details via PM so that I can file complete bug reports for you?  Just double checking before I inbox you! 


                  - Marissa

                  • mywifesgeek