Since my beta-approval for DIGITS, I cannot receive texts with VoLTE turned on for the number (my primary) which I chose to be eligible.


    Signed up initially on day 1. Got the beta approval email 12/13 around 1am. Tried to set up DIGITS app yesterday, and I couldn't get the number verification text message (suspicious). Tried again today and same result.

    Set up DIGITS app on my t-mo tablet, and it was able to verify my number without text message. I requested access to my primary number, received auth text on said primary number (from 456), verified, and it works to send messages. Did some testing between me and a friend. Calling works, but texting was only coming to the DIGITS app on the tablet (not on phone). Fiddled with settings on the phone and eventually got around to turning off VoLTE (OnePlus 3) and now I can receive texts.

    Sending was never impacted. In fact, my sent messages even show up in the DIGITS app along with the received ones which never even hit the phone.

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