Is the duplicate sim supposed to come activated?


    I got two sim cards and I put both of them in the phone but they have no number assigned.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey laestrella - taking a look at this Duplicate & Virtual Line Set-Up page, it looks like it should arrive active.  You've got your original SIM in one phone, and then you are placing the duplicate SIM in the second phone that you want to have the same set of DIGITS, right?  Have you already selected and saved the primary line via MyTMO?


        - Marissa

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          • laestrella

            This took so many hours to resolve but I finally got it straightened out with help from a supervisor from the specialized customer support number.


            The sim card did not come activated.

            What is supposed to happen is that there needs to be a "Duplicate Number" line added to the account. This is different from a Virtual Number. The Duplicate Number will be a type of dummy number. Once that line is on your account it will need to be paired to the real number that you want duplicated via the manage my multi-line back end system.. This step was NOT done before the SIM card was sent to me. The SIM card then needs to be paired with the duplicate dummy number. There is a delay in the creation of the duplicate dummy number and that's what caused the confusion.


            Tech support had to push my request through manually. Hope this helps anyone who might be face with this same issue. tmo_marissa

          • bobora

            I just received my duplicate sim card too. It seems its not activated and doesn't show up my account.

            • tmo_marissa



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