Mojio app tracked data incorrectly


    I have one trip where my max speed traveled says 71 MPH, yet somehow my average speed for the same trip is 98 MPH. Is there a way to delete or edit the data on the app? It's next to impossible to find support for the app, unlike 99% of other apps I cannot just click support in the app and email someone a screenshot of the error. This leads me to believe my issue will never be resolved because the devs will never see it. But this really bugs me so I'm giving it a shot in the dark here. Thank you for your time.



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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Mojio app tracked data incorrectly

        Hey chrisfrom86!


        You know what's funny about your post is I am constantly looking at my average speed in my car. I know this is a tad different because it's for a single trip. Those numbers definitely don't add up and I'm glad you're pointing this out. Our tech team is going to need to file a ticket to have our Engineers look closer at this. You can get in touch with them here.


        Feel free to update this thread on the outcome just in case anyone else runs into this issue.