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    App overlay error


      This is so annoying. Every time I try to allow something it makes me open settings and turn something off. I've turned off EVERYTHING and it still doesn't work.

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          Ifbyou are participating in some app betas that could be the culprit. Even if you turn if off it doesn't function correctly. Facebook and their messenger app were culprits for me on thw V20 and the S7E.

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            Any app that has a pop up...Textra, Hiya (caller ID,)  even some launchers like Nova can interfere.  Example:  I had a caller ID pop up after a call that was still open in the background, just not on-screen.  I was trying to make some changes with another app and wasn't able to do so until I closed out that Hiya pop up.  It's a little confusing as to which apps cause this and which to deal with.  Seems it isn't the permissions more than if an overlay-capable app is enabled and open.

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              Hey deeanthony - Just wanted to check in and see if you'd been able to pin down the cause of this error.  How is everything going?


              - Marissa

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                Happy Monday deeanthony - hope you're doing well.  I just wanted to reach out and see if our user's insight had been helpful here!  Were you able to figure out the root cause of this app overlay error?


                - Marissa