International Calling and International Roaming pack don't work together


    I have a T-Mobile connection(family pack - 9 lines) with International calling available. I can call to multiple countries free including India.


    I was on a trip to Canada and asked T-mobile customer service about International roaming charges outside of USA. They sold me a International pack and informed me that I will not be charged anything extra if I take the pack(Please call customer service anonymously and they will again give the same response today)


    I opted for the pack for the duration of my stay in Canada


    When my billing came they charged me $200 additional for my 3 day stay


    When Inquired about the reason they said that although I have two internal pack but both do not work together. While in Canada my Internal calling pack will not be active and only International Roaming pack was active.


    When asked that why was I not informed they had no answer other than the fact that I will have to pay now.


    After multiple calls to Customer service department and loyalty department Wade(53092) understood the problem and premised to remove the charges If I paid the remaining amount immediately. I did that


    The charge was not removed and after followup they bargained again and removed only 50% of what was promised. I need to know how to get in tough with loyalty department rep directly and get this resolved.


    Other option would be to pay the amount incorrectly charged and moved to another provider. Please advise if T-mobile is good at resolving issues or I should spend time in looking for deals with other providers as 9 lines woudl be a good bargain for any provider.

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