Can I request a different area code for DIGITS virtual number?


    Is it possible to request an area code for the DIGITS virtual number that matches my current address?  DIGITS appears to assign a number based on where I lived when I first joined T-mobile, but I live in a different part of the country now.  I was hoping that DIGITS might be a way to get a local number while still holding onto my original cell number.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey mcmphd - great ask - that honestly seems like a perfect reason to *use* DIGITS.  If I'm reading this right, you were assigned a virtual number automatically by the system, correct?


        - Marissa

          • mcmphd

            Yes, that's correct: I was assigned a DIGITS number with the same area code as my primary cell phone number. My billing, contact, and e911 addresses are all in a different area code now. The useful feature as I see it would be to allow me to select either an area code matching my primary cell phone number, or an area code that matched my current address on the account.

              • tmo_marissa

                Gotcha, mcmphd!  I did a little digging and it looks like our internal representatives who are being trained to support the Beta program will actually have the option to manually select a number group based on the billing address when creating a virtual number - from what you're describing, it sounds like that manual number selection functionality isn't available when adding a virtual number online.  That's valuable feedback regarding additional options that would be helpful, thank you for calling that out!  I wish I could let you know whether or not that's in the works, but I can definitely tell you that this is the right place for that feedback, and a representative will be able to do this once they're creating additional DIGITS for the "multiple DIGITS one device" portion of the program. 


                - Marissa

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            • tmo_evan

              Once you have your new set of DIGITS Talk & Text only you can call back to the Special Care queue for the DIGITS beta and they'll be able to help you with getting a different number.  Please make sure you talk to that queue as there are some special items that they'll need to do in order to take care of you properly.

              • tmo_marissa



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