How long does it take to have my iPhone unlocked

    Hi there, I have an T-mobile iPhone which is completely off EIP plan, I requested an unlock on Friday, the rep said she is processing the unlock and it should take 24 hrs, but now it's almost 2 days, my iPhone is still locked, how long on earth will the unlock usually take.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there!  Congrats on paying off your phone!  I'm sorry that you're still waiting on your unlock confirmation email.  If you meet the requirements outlined to Unlock your mobile wireless device it's typically not a lengthy process.  Usually you'd wait anywhere from 24 - 48 hours for approval - and then with iPhones since they're unlocked remotely instead of manually with a code, there is an additional 24 hour wait from when the unlock is approved and when you can complete the reset process.  However, if there are any hang-ups with the process, it can take as long as two weeks.  You should get a confirmation email once the approval portion of the process is complete, and that email's time-stamp would start the 24-hour count down clock.  Have you received any communication from us since filing the request?


        - Marissa

        • thegrancoach

          I bought (at best buy shop) an unlocked iPhone 8 last week in NY. I activated the phone with a prepaid T-Mobile card that I bought just to have a data connection during my Holiday (32$).

          Yesterday, when I came back home, i changed the sim card with the italian one but the iPhone was locked!!! Why??

          Today I call the T-mobile customer service but they've told me I have to wait 21 days. Why so long??

          Can you help me?   

          • magenta6079854

            Well, for those who are Googling this, what I will tell you is stay away from TMobile......


            I paid CASH for my iPhone X and it is being held hostage by Tmobile..... this should be illegal (and i think it is)......


            I HATE Tmobile..... i put up with their poor cell service because of their great customer service.... now their customer service is garbage too.


            Just try it.... walk into a Tmobile store..... their stock answer on anything is "oh, we can't do that in store - call customer service"..... and then call customer service..... they SOUND awesome.... you hang up all happy only to find out 3 days later everything they said on the phone never happens and when you call back, they have ZERO record that you ever talked to them.


            After losing over $500 in incorrect charges and fighting for over 3 months with them, i finally threw in the towel and switched.... or at least I am trying to, but can't get my iPhone that I paid 100% cash up front for, to be unlocked.