Mexico roaming problems . Not getting 4G lte.


    I have been here in Mexico city for 2 days . Once i got off the plane received a text on my galaxy s7 edge saying to enjoy 4G lte just like at home. But nothing im only getting 3G icon roaming on TELCEL . So is my mom on her LG G5. she also got the same text saying to enjoy 4G lte . we restarted both phones took out sim cards and nothing only a 3G icon. My moms sister here has a mexican telcel iphone and she gets LTE all over since telcel has very good lte coverage here in mexico city. But for some reason tmobile just wont connect to it. I was thinking it was gonna be a good experience but uploading pics to face book or instagram take FOREVER getting driving directions its real slow . Telcels 3G is real slow . So we just use my moms mexican Iphone that gets Lte on the same network cuz its much faster. Does anyone know how to fix this? And why do they even sent a text to enjoy 4G lte if all they allow is 3G and its slow like edge speeds.

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