"Mobile Network State: Disconnected"


         I was using my T-Mobile service perfectly fine on my Nokia, Now that I have bought a new phone [Lg G2] and am using the SIM card on that phone instead I haven't been able to do a lot of things, here is the list of things that I have not been able to make work;


    • [Urgent] I can't use any data at all, be it on Pandora, Google, updating the weather, no data is working.
    • [Urgent] Send pictures in texts.
    • Skype does not update Chat Logs or let me Send/Recieve messages.
    • YouTube is showing extremely old "Recommended" lists along with being unable to show "My Subscriptions" area, and the YouTube video History is showing very old vidoes that I watched multiple months ago.


         The bniggest problem is the inability to use Data, but I would prefer to know solutions to all the problems.

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