prepaid plan 40$ got Tmobile text saying I got discount 10$ paid 30$ (32$ with taxes)


    Hello T mobile Support!

    I just paid my prepaid card plan (40$ monthly)  at xxxxxxxxxxx according to message i got from Tmobile (10$ monthly discount effective)

    so I paid 32$ with taxes and got confirmation about it on my mail.


    Unfortunately there is no information about account activated at my T mobile page, phone is not working

    and I got problem signing in to My T mobile right now (tried few times to log in and ask for support)


    here is mail confirmation about 32$ payment


    Thank you for ASAP answer




    9:48 AM (33 minutes ago)


    to me


    Thanks for refilling your account for T-Mobile phone numberxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! Your transaction was successful.


    For future refills, you can go to, log into your account on, download the T-Mobile app, or dial *ADD(*233) from your mobile phone.


    Are you signed up for AutoPay? AutoPay is the easiest way to add prepaid service to your account and not have to think about refilling each month. You can choose to cover your charges, or select the date, amount and frequency that works best for you and we'll refill your account automatically using your credit card or debit card. Log in to or dial *ADD(*233) from your mobile phone to enroll now! Once you're enrolled we'll continue to refill your account and any remaining balance will carry over each month.


    If you're already signed up for AutoPay, you can log into your account on my.t-mobile.comto check when your next payment is scheduled, and manage your plan and services.


    Thanks for being the best part of T-Mobile!
    T-Mobile Prepaid Customer Care Team




    Please answer asap via MAIL

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