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S7 encrypted SD card is corrupt, can I recover data?


    I have a 64G SD card in my S7, which I encrypted using the phone itself. The other day I woke up and the card was no longer recognized by the phone. Unfortunately my backup stopped working with no notification to me, so I fear I've lost many gigs of photos. In settings>lock screen & security>Encrypt SD card it says the SD card is corrupted. However when I check storage the SD card isn't listed at all. When I plug the phone (including corrupt SD card) into my laptop using the factory cord the laptop only recognizes internal storage, no SD card, BUT when I put the SD card directly into the card reader (using an adapter, no phone involved) the laptop sees the card and folders on the card, but cannot open or copy them. I have run chkdsk (no result, just freezes) and a few different data recovery programs and they don't find any data to recover. Ran EASEUS Data Recovery and it took 7 DAYS to complete the "quick scan" and found no data, at which point it switched over to thorough scan and I cancelled that process. I think this is because the SD card is encrypted, thus unreadable outside the phone. Any ideas on how I can have the phone decrypt the SD card when it doesn't even recognize that it's there and/or says it's corrupt? Any help would be much appreciated!

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