forward text message to google voice or email while traveling


    I am planning a trip to India, Hong Kong and Malaysia

    Is there a way I can forward my t-mobile text message and call to my google voice ??

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi yos808 - that trip sounds awesome!  You bring up a great question.  I wish we had a way to do what you're asking - but on our side, there's no provisioning for forwarding SMS.  You may be able to have calls forwarded to GV - as long as it's a standard number you should be able to Contact Us and set that up - but the tricky thing is that if you're trying to do this in order to avoid international roaming charges, your phone will need to be off the entire time to prevent the calls being routed from ever touching the device itself, so to speak.  If you're answering your GV calls on your TMO phone, that will defeat the purpose - but if your GV number is on a different phone, and the phone with your TMO SIM is turned off, then you may be able to save $ on international roaming calls... but then you may miss your text messages, unless you can find a third party app that will forward them somehow.


        - Marissa