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    I had bought a iphone 7 in October from Best Buy. It was an unlocked phone. i used TMobile sim while I was in US. Now I am back in India and phone has got locked at your end. I have called up your call center multiple times. Everytime i get assurance i will receive unlock code but i have got any for past one month. please help it is causing a lot of problem


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      • theartiszan

        Re: Unlocking iphone 7

        Was the phone paid off completely and your account it good standing? Or prepaid?

          • pratiktatia

            Re: Unlocking iphone 7

            Yes I had fully paid for my purchase. I have bill.

              • e2k

                Re: Unlocking iphone 7

                Request an unlock by calling 611 or contact T-Force. I believe you can also request the unlock online via My T-Mobile, although I have not done so myself.


                I must say that something seems amiss here. I suspect that your phone was not unlocked to begin with. It was more likely "contract free," which is not the same thing. When in the USA, did you use T-Mobile? Have you ever successfully used a non-T-Mobile SIM card in this phone?

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            • tmo_marissa

              Re: Unlocking iphone 7

              Hi pratiktatia!  I'm sorry you're in this bind.  I just want to clarify - is the phone you purchased T-Mobile branded?  If so, that equipment is sold locked to our network.  On the flip side, the good news is that branded iPhones are also the only IMEIs in the T-Mobile database that we can request unlocks for.  Regarding the unlock process, there are no codes for iPhones - they're updated for unlock remotely by Apple.  If you meet the eligibility requirements listed here: Unlock your mobile wireless device, then you'd want to Contact Us to have an unlock request filed.  Once the request is submitted on our side you would receive an email within a few days - if approved, it will advise you to wait 24 hours, then connect the phone to iTunes to be unlocked.  I'm sorry to read that you've reached out already without success, but unfortunately our team here doesn't have account access to review usage details or submit an unlock request, so we do need to have you work with Customer Care or T-Force to complete the request.  I hope that this information helps shed a little light on the situation, though!


              - Marissa