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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey mackgyverr - glad to see you've escaped the bad guy's basement with a paperclip and a gum wrapper and are here posting on Support.


        A few years ago, T-Mobile largely moved away from monthly service discounts.  Our T-Mobile Advantage Program now primarily provides eligible customers with rewards cards when they purchase new equipment.  However, a few corporate, government and state agency employees are still eligible for a monthly discount.  It's worth checking with your Human Resources department to see if MTA has continued to support the program for their employees. 


        Just a heads up: if you are eligible for a monthly discount as an MTA employee, then it's also a good idea to Contact Us before moving forward with the application and verification process - not all rate plans can get a monthly discount, and your bill cycle dates (and therefore your due date) will change once the discount is applied.  This means a prorated bill when everything shifts, which isn't for everyone.  We'll be able to review what your projected discount might be, check plan compatibility, and provide you with your new bill cycle close date and due date by taking a peek at our Business & Government contracts database and your account.


        - Marissa