SyncUp DRIVE: Hotspot active when the car is off?


    I'm looking at the SyncUp DRIVE. That's the mobile hotspot, GPS, and car diagnostic kit for anyone who doesn't know:

    T-Mobile Sync Up Drive | Monitor Your Car & Loved Ones via Your Mobile


    I've got one concern about the mobile hotspot feature: Is the mobile hotspot active even when the car is off? If so, what kind of range does it have?


    I want to make sure my phone switches to my home wifi when I'm at home, rather than continuing to use the SyncUp's hotspot and burning through the data plan. It seems like that would be controlled if the hotspot is disabled when the car shuts off, or if the signal is too weak to reach a few meters outside of the car.


    I don't want to assume my phones are smart enough to switch to a stronger wifi signal once I get home. Experience shows they don't do that. Neither my iPhone nor my Android tablet switch off a weakening network as long as they can pass data, even when much stronger networks enter range.

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