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Unlock Request


    Dear user T-mobile,


    I would really like to officially unlock my iPhone 6s plus. My name is Albert, i bought this phone on eBay , but I'm not the resident of USA, so I can't use it with local operators. My IMEI is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , i tried contacting T-mobile via live chat, but had no luck. I will really appreciate your help on my problem.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Unlock Request

        Unlock your mobile wireless device


        You cannot from T-Mobile unless you are a customer and use the phone on T-Mobile's network for a certain period of time.  If you are not in the US, you cannot complete these rules.


        You will either need to contact the seller on ebay to see if they're able to provide an unlock code, or purchase an unlock code from another company, or see if you can return the device to the seller on ebay.

          • zamaleev

            Re: Unlock Request

            Thank you very much, but I can not connect with seller.I heard that I must to call on t-mobile support( very expensive and my English is bad) or write a letter to t-mobile ( I can not this do because I from Russia Kazan and I do not have them sim to register my account), can you call or write a letter?I will thank you madly)))))))))

              • gramps28

                Re: Unlock Request

                As stated before,  unless you are/were a t-mobile USA customer and meet the requirements the can't issue you a code no matter how nice you ask.


                They can only issue the code to the Tmobile user of the phone.

            • maynorvindel

              Re: Unlock Request



              please where 


              provider and ask for the SIM unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3?