Using a T-Mobile Personal CellSpot Router under IPv6


    I received a new T-Mobile (ASUS) Personal CellSpot Router and I am unable to get IPv6 to work with this. The Tunnel 6to4 selection works somewhat, the PC and phone will receive IPv6 addresses,but how tunneling works, is explained here: 6to4 - Wikipedia


    It's not "real" IPv6.


    My Comcast gateway (Arris) is IPv6, however WiFi Calling doesn't work going through an Arris gateway, but it worked through an IPv4 router and also through the T-Mobile router.


    Is it even possible at all to use native (real) IPv6 with this, or should it remain on IPv4?


    Thank you for any thoughts/suggestions.

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      • edwardp

        No one knows? And this is an item T-Mobile sells?

          • htghtg

            Hey edwardp,


                Apologies for the delay in responses. I also have Comcast Internet (with a non-Comcast modem) and also looked into this a few weeks ago. I was trying to change the DNS server to that of Google's ( and also explored the IPv6 settings in that process. What I believe I found was that IPv6 is NOT supported on the T-Mobile Cellspot router; even though it is an option. Or perhaps I wasn't able to properly set it up and was lead to believe it wasn't supported.


                 I believe your resolution would be to stay with IPv4, even though in the near future we may need to be exploring these settings again. I do suggest you alter the DNS settings to Google's; it does seem to have a noticeable impact on experience!


            If you have any further questions or comments please let me know and I will get back to you!



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            • tmo_mike_c

              Hey edwardp and thanks for posting.


              Sounds like you're really tech savvy however there are settings included that T-Mobile doesn't support changing. Basically, T-Mobile can helps with the initial setup that makes sure you have the default settings needed for the router to work as intended. I agree if it's working on IPv4, you should keep it on that setting.

            • angel96

              I can confirm that if my router is on IPV6 mode the Cellspot will not initialize once there is a loss of power or if I reboot the Cellspot. I have to log into my router ASUS RT-AC66R, turn off IPV6, reboot router & Cellspot then it will connect. Once that is complete I can re-activate IPV6 & all is well until the next loss of power or something.


              There is an IPV6 firewall in the stock ASUS firmware, I am wondering if that has anything to do with it. Not sure whats the deal with IPV6 because while watching the outgoing request I can see the Cellspot connected to a few T-mobile servers using ports




     while on IPV6 mode.

              There must be a request or something that comes back to the Cellspot that gets blocked while on IPV6. I am going to try turning off the IPV6 firewall & see if it works & I'll report back.

              • angel96

                Well what I posted is wrong. It will work with IPV6 activated! It was my QOS rules that was preventing it from initializing. That was the only thing I was overlooking. If I turn off QOS but leave IPV6 on & reboot the Cellspot it works. The only thing I could find wrong was my speeds were entered incorrectly in the QOS interface.