MMS "No Subject" since switching from AT&T?


    Just switched from AT&T and now all my MMS messages have "No Subject" at the top and it's driving me crazy.  Is this something the carrier (T-Mobile) is doing and there's no way around it?  Or is there a setting?  I use ChompSMS and went through all the settings and there's nothing that effects that.  That's why I'm guessing it's the carrier as that's the only thing that has changed.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: MMS "No Subject" since switching from AT&T?

        Hey there! I totally feel you on this one. I myself have seen the same issue with devices I have used in the past. I know you said that you are using ChompSMS but have you also noticed this happen in the default messenger? 

          • jcrist1027

            Yes, it's in the default messaging app so it's not the app adding it.  Apparently AT&T does not include the subject headed in MMS messages if the subject is blank.  T-mobile does and sends "no subject".  To get around this a few SMS app makers built a filter into the app to filter it.  One such Android app is Textra.  It's not quite as good as ChompSMS but very close so I switched to not get the No Subject in the MMS messages any more.  The ChompSMS maker says they are working on an update to filter it out like Textra does.  Too bad Tmobile isn't on the ball on this like AT&T and prevents it at the carrier level.