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    Have a iphone 7 and messages are not going though even though it's on LTE

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      • stevetjr

        Re: iphone 7 new user

        Did you have an previous version of an iPhone?  If so you probably need to update your iMessage account with the new device.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: iphone 7 new user

          Hey sunev4u - how is everything going?  Are you still having trouble with messaging on your new phone, and if so, are the problems with incoming, outgoing, or both?  Please let us know if this is resolved, we're happy to help if you still need assistance - getting new equipment should be exciting, not frustrating!


          - Marissa

          • tmo_chris

            Re: iphone 7 new user

            Just wanted to check in here to see if you were still having issues with text messaging. Let us know