Preordered LG V20 10/18 - Still Backordered- Time to ditch T-Mo?


    I'm so tired of T-Mo. I preordered an LG V20 on 10/18. Their system still shows it is to ship between 10/18 and 10/24. Here it is six weeks later and STILL no phone. I was told it would ship the week before Thanksgiving. No ship info came so I called again. I asked to at least have someone keep me updated, not so much. The custom service reps don't give two craps. Rather they are annoyed I dare call. Last I hear it should arrive 12/21 maybe, no promises.


    Meanwhile just a week or two ago I saw it was in stock on their website! What BS. Are they lying to get sales or crapping on those who signed up for the preorder deal?


    What happened T-Mo? So disappointing. I have been with you since they were Voicestream. Maybe it's time to switch.


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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there!


        Sorry to see it's been such a frustrating process to get your device in. While I personally know the frustration reps can have in situations they don't have an answer to, it's definitely no excuse to express any annoyance towards you or anyone else very reasonably wanting to know where their device is.


        I've gone ahead and reached out to some of my LG contacts and will try and get a more solid timeline. Hopefully I'll get an answer soon!



        • tmo_marissa

          Hi sixd8chev.  I just wanted to drop back in and apologize that we haven't been able to share any additional information regarding the timeline for this back-order so far.  We can ask but unfortunately our contacts aren't always able to give additional insight - please don't think that's because we don't care. 


          I assure you that if the site is reporting inventory incorrectly, that's something we definitely want to be able to escalate to our support team.  To set appropriate expectations because I don't want to disappoint you further, I can't make any promises or provide a timeline for changes - but I definitely appreciate you bringing this to our attention.  While we can accept and forward feedback here, moderators on this user forum don't have account access to check on individual order updates or negotiate resolutions or courtesy offers.  I know it sounds like your experiences contacting us so far have left you wanting, but if you're willing I'd definitely encourage you to reach out and work with our T-Force team via Social Media for updates - hopefully we can provide you with a better experience, especially since it sounds like you've been a customer for well over a decade.


          Thanks again for choosing Support to let us know what's happening,