Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery


    Help! The Tmobile app hangs at the initial screen. Killing the service just restarts it again. There is no way to stop it, uninstall it or disable it. (I'm not rooted).


    I have an LG V10. I pulled the battery, wiped the cache partition. Trying to to hard reset unless necessary. The battery lost 40% in three hours, 30% being the Tmobile app.


    Any suggestions before a hard reset?




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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery

        That is super strange! You are right, a hard reset is going to be a last resort here but we can try something else first. While you can’t uninstall the app, you can uninstall any recent updates to the app and reinstall them.


        You can follow these steps to clear the recent updates. Settings > general > apps > T-Mobile > menu (three dots in the upper right corner) > uninstall updates.

          • pablum

            Re: Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery

            I forgot to mention it, but I also tried that and it didn't help.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery

                Thanks for trying that! I was really hoping that was going to work I know you already tried the cache partition wipe so I believe the next step is going to be the full master reset on this one.

                  • pablum

                    Re: Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery

                    I also anticipated you'd say that and I'm in the midst of doing just that. The most likely story is that a data file got corrupted. My fear is that the restore process may restore the corrupt file. If that is the case, I'll have to do another wipe without data being restored. Getting back to "normal" from there will be a bear. I'll keep you posted. "News at 11" as they say :-)

                    • pablum

                      Re: Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery

                      BTW, one thing I hadn't mentioned, Chris, is that I'm using a Perfine 9700 mah battery. I can't begin to imagine how fast it would drain with the normal battery as it was using more juice than the screen. And, yes, I did put back the normal battery in the off-chance that the foreign battery caused the problem.

                      • pablum

                        Re: Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery

                        Okay, many hours later*, I'm almost done and I have very good news and some weird news.


                        The very good news is that the battery drain is gone.


                        The weird news is that after the wipe and app install, the drain was gone. THEN, I saw a notification that the Tmobile app updated. Holy youknowwhat. The drain was back! I removed the updates while feeling sick to my stomach, and marked google play to not auto-update. The drain stopped! Methinks the latest update caused the problem despite it not going away when I backed out the updates prior to the wipe. If you can tell the developers, please do.


                        * It would have been shorter but I forget to backup my Nova Launcher settings and somehow lost my folder organizer settings. So, I did lots of manual work. At this time, only 2300 of 2900 contacts have sync'ed. Really odd since I brought the phone up hours ago and I have WiFi.


                        Case closed, I believe.

                  • jcc90

                    Re: Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery

                    Getting a similar issue.

                    In April 2016 I was having battery drain issues with Tmobile app showing as the main perp.
                    I uninstalled updates and that helped. I installed a 3rd party app called "Battery Doctor" and that helped even more. Was fine until now. (Jan 2017)


                    As of yesterday though, I started having AWFUL battery drain again. I'm watching my phone die even though it's plugged in and charging. I've tried multiple cables so that's not it. I can confirm that it shows that it is charging. But when I go to the battery manager it shows that tmobile is eating up my battery again.


                    The only way I can charge my phone is to turn it completely off and let it charge, though once I turn it back on it starts draining again even while plugged in and screen off, no apps running, and in airplane mode.


                    I can feel my phone is hot, and Battery Doctor shows it's 100F, when it's usually like 94F.

                    I'll keep messing with it, but thinking of doing factory reset and not allowing tmobile updates and seeing how that goes.


                    I have an LG G2. (LG-D801)

                    Android version: 5.0.2

                    Baseband version: M8974A-AAAANAZM-1.0.190128

                    Kernel: 3.4.0

                    Build number: LRX22G

                    Software version: D80130c

                      • tmo_chris

                        Re: Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery

                        Hey jcc90,


                        Thanks for all your hard work on this! The app should definitely not be causing this much battery drain. If you could do the reset and install the latest version of the T-Mobile app only and run the phone for 24 hours like that, this will let us know for sure if the app is solely responsible for the battery drain.

                      • johnsonium

                        I have a LG G4 and I used to have pretty good battery life. Sometime around the first of the year my battery life went way down. The phone also slowed down and was often hot to the touch. I installed GSam battery monitor to try and figure out what was causing it.


                        After letting it monitor for awhile I noticed that the T-Mobile app was using a large portion of my battery. I wasn't even using the app at all. This morning on my 50 minute commute I went from 100% - 77% with T-Mobile's app being the largest portion of that usage. The phone was also running at 117 degrees F. I tried to Force Stop the app and of course it won't let me. I also couldn't disable it so I did the next best thing. I revoked all of its permissions, which you can do in Marshmallow. Almost immediately I noticed the phone cooling. In about 10 minutes the phone was down to 84 degrees F and the battery percentage hadn't even dropped 1%. It was still at 77%.


                        The T-Mobile app is obviously bad. I've heard that recent updates have the app "phoning home" back to T-Mobile, reporting your location and signal strength. There is obviously something very wrong with the implementation. I'm going to keep the permissions disabled and monitor its behavior but everything points to the T-Mobile app being the cause of my battery troubles.


                        This is what's wrong with forced bloatware on carrier phones. It takes the control out of the hands of the consumers and gives it, often covertly, to the carrier. We should be allowed to at least disable all non-system apps on our phones.

                        • willprot

                          Re: Can't stop Tmobile App from draining battery

                          I found this thread due to the same exact issue, the T-Mobile App draining my battery at a ridiculous pace.


                          I wanted to note I have an LG G4, and it seems like a lot of people with the issue have an LG so there could be a compatibility problem T-Mobile should look into there and fix it.


                          That said, downgrading helps a lot but it's still draining my phone much quicker than anything else... so why can't I DISABLE this app. That's clearly an App internal setting stopping your customers from disabling your app, until fixes are made this should be removed so your users can disable the app and are not penalized and perhaps even left without a phone in an emergency situation due to your faulty T-Mobile App powering their phone down.

                          • magenta8322651

                            I'm glad pablum posted this issue back in 2017.  My wife has a Motorola phone, and no issues. I have an LG phone (Stylo 3) and guess what, the Tmobile App is killing my battery. It started after a recent update.  I have loved Tmobile every since switching from Sprint, but this issue is super annoying!  Can we please get someone to address the battery drain issue with the Tmobile App?  A permanent resolution would be great!

                            • hunter2020

                              The T-Mobile app automatically updated on 02-May 2019 on my LG Stylo 2 Plus, since then it has been consuming all of the battery in less than 8 hours. When plugged into a USB port on my laptop, the battery can only maintain its charge but cannot increase. Per this thread, I just tried uninstalling the updates back to the factory version, so I'm still watching for an improvement. Any updates from T-Mobile on a resolution to the battery drain issue?

                                • hunter2020

                                  For anyone looking for an answer to the same question, uninstalling the T-Mobile app updates back to the factory install solved the battery drain issue which I faced. My battery is performing as it did before the update on 02-May 2019.


                                  Now the only problem I have is that my phone has a notification which I CANNOT dismiss to update the T-Mobile app.  I don't want to update the app...ever!

                                • lobsterlove25

                                  After the last update my LG G6 battery has been draining extremely fast. I started researching the problem and have also determined it was the TMobile app. This morning I didn't use my phone for anything other than Pokemon GO. That app used 5% of my battery and the TMobile app used 10%. I uninstalled the updates and now it has not used any battery. My wife's LG has also been having issues and I am planning to try to fix it too.

                                  • alfromflorida

                                    After the recent May update, the T-Mobile app was draining my LG K20 Plus' battery in as little as 4 hours (corroborated by "battery use detail"). Instead of uninstalling the updates, I revoked all app permits (background data usage I suspect is the main culprit here), and everything went back to normal. Thought you out there with this problem oughta know.