Beating a dead horse - again


    I've complained before about not getting texts when I submit payment for bill.

    After I complained the last time, I got texts for 2 months - now they are gone again.


    We've been through all the testing, etc. Now would someone please explain why, and help do something about it?


    I get the texts that bill is ready to the same account, I have 456 allowed, so don't ask me if I've checked things off.


    We went through this in September, and I haven't changed anything on phone.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Beating a dead horse - again

        Hey there weezyrider.


        I'm sure this is probably driving you nuts because it sounds like you rely on the payment confirmation texts. It's odd that the texts worked for a short period of time and now it's back to not receiving them. I'm really sorry the same situation is occurring. You've done your homework which means the next step is to contact our Tech Support team to have a trouble ticket filed for you. This very much sounds like a backend issue that our Engineers need to take a closer look at.