getting sick of looking at a cracked screen


    I've had a s6 edge since it came out  lost one phone had t

    the replaced thru insurance then one morning back in April may I pick up the phone one morning after being on the charger and it was so hot almost unbearable to hold  for long a day when  I turned the screen on low and behold there's a squiggly crack through the top of the screen wich since then has grown since it constantly overheats  I swear I tjought someone snuck in and sat on my phone

    so I take it to take the store I explained what happened  they say no problem I was actually to jump to the note 5  then a few min later he says okay you'll owe 175 and im like "for what ?   he said for teeny insurance deductable  I asked why are u making a insurance claim I didn't brake the screen   the screen cracking from intense heat from its normal charging cycle means it's defective  wich means it's covered under warranty  he says " if there's any damage I can't warranty the phone "     so after a heated conversation I was basically told he's never once heard of that issue you'll have to call customer service  I old him to Google "s6 edge screen cracks while charging and you'll get a million hits"   and fhen when I called customer service I got the same response  and basically there policy is if there is any damage weather water or screen  then u did it and it's not covered and theres no exception to the policy  ad I have to pay the ins deductable wich I couldn't afford  after many phone conversations I wrote a letter wich I'm waiting still on a reply  and if they don't replace the phone free of charge or reply then I'm turning this over to the district attorneys office

    I've since then paid off a s6 edge with a cracked screen and it also overheats constantly holds a charge for about an hour two if the screens off  MD I can't get it replaced under warranty for any other reason cuz the screens cracked
    I was happy with tmobile I thought they'd be tested answer to crappy company's lime Verizon and att but I guess there just as bad

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      • gramps28

        Did you try contacting Samsung directly for a warranty replacement?


        All the big companies use the same company for insurance replacement and have

        basically the same fees for replacement phones with cracked screens,

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          • theartiszan

            Re: getting sick of looking at a cracked screen

            And it is part of the warranty agreement that carriers handle with the manufacturer. If there are any signs of damage that could be physical damage,  the carriers won't honor the warranty unless explicitly acknowledges by the manufacturer that it is a known problem. If Samsung has not acknowledged that damage type as a known issue,  it isn't covered under warranty.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Hey there ccapehart1980.  For starters, I'm sorry to read about this predicament.  I can't imagine waking up one morning to find a crack in my phone - that must have been an awful experience and it stinks that the damage voids the warranty as we honor it.  Both of our excellent pillars have given great insight to this policy, but I want to confirm that we do make exceptions to the "physical damage" warranty concern when the manufacturer has communicated a known issue with the equipment.  For example, if the manufacturer tells T-Mobile that they've become aware that a charging port cover is weak, we can still process a warranty replacement even though typically a missing charging port cover voids the warranty.  Unfortunately, at this time we don't have this listed as a known issue with your phone, so as much as I wish I had better news, we wouldn't be able to make an exception.


            Since it sounds like you've paid the phone off completely at this point, though, you don't *need* to repair it if you're planning on getting something new - if there's no EIP balance left to forgive by turning it in, you could just start a new EIP.  However, it you want to keep using this phone because it won't add anything to your monthly bill to do so, but without looking at the crack, then I agree that it couldn't hurt to reach out to Samsung themselves and see if they have a repair alternative.  If it will save you from paying your insurance deductible then it seems worth the effort, and worst case scenario at least they'll have a report of this issue that they can log.


            Whatever you decide to do, I'm sorry that this happened.  Thanks for taking the time to let us know about your situation here on Support.


            - Marissa

            • barcodeable

              I have read plenty of reports that the S6 has issues resulting in a cracked screen due to overheating of the battery. Unfortunatel, I guess you as the consumer have to wait till the large corporations admit to the manufacturer defect. Samsung lost so much money with being forced to recall the Note 5, I doubt they will admit to any issue of the S6 anytime soon... Thanks for the info...I wont buy a Note 5 or an S6 as a precaution so I won't end up in your shoes .

                • e2k

                  Re: getting sick of looking at a cracked screen

                  barcodeable wrote:


                  Samsung lost so much money with being forced to recall the Note 5, I doubt they will admit to any issue of the S6 anytime soon... Thanks for the info...I wont buy a Note 5 or an S6 as a precaution so I won't end up in your shoes .


                  It was the Note 7 which had the recall. The current model of the S series is the S7. Are you in a time warp?

                    • barcodeable

                      Re: getting sick of looking at a cracked screen

                      i can't keep up with all the manufacturer defects the same as the manufacturer can't keep up with them. But, thank you for the correction. Im actually typing via a broken ipad mini screen, so my words and numbers may be off a bit, but my message is very much clear.


                      but  ccapehart1980

                      stated that his S6 has a broken screen defect. And I have a note 3 and it gets very hot when not in use... i guess from your view i should wait till it either catch fire or Samsung is forthcoming with admitting other models of its phones are problematic.  


                      many iPhone 6 models are being diagnosed with having "Touch Disease"... I guess since I have an iPhone 5c with the same issue others are having with their iphone 6 is a figment of my imagination.


                      BOTTOM LINE: without splitting hairs, the manufacturer shoud stand behind their products. If my iphone screen  becomes unresponsive only 1 week after the manufacturer warranty ends, am i just out of luck involving a problem they were secretly aware of?