T-Mobile Customer Services really suck big time!


    I've been a T-Mobile customer for almost 10 years and I've never experience anything like this.  I waited on the phone for more than an hour and I impatiently told the representative who picked up my call how long I've waited and he didn't sound like he cared!  I normally is very impressed with their customer services because the wait time is short, with friendly and knowledgable representatives.  I can say the whole good impression has gone down the drain after tonight experience.  Not to mention the long wait on the phone, Live Chat/messaging doesn't work or no one responded.  If the service is not available, they shouldn't even offer it.  Maybe it's time for me to check out other services.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi didicat.  I'm so sorry to hear about the experience that you had last night.  Our hold times are typically nowhere near that length - I'm thinking you might have bumped into some volume from Cyber Monday - though certainly that's not a comfort since it doesn't change the fact that you weren't helped in a timely fashion.  We monitor traffic and use those details to project staffing needs for future improvements, but in the moment the least we can do is acknowledge the frustration of your wait time before we get down to assisting you.  I am very sorry that we let you down.


        It's a bummer to hear that the messaging function wasn't there as a back up for you!  Did you see the initial pop-up and then not receive responses when you typed?  This is valuable feedback so we appreciate you letting us know.  I'm not sure if you're active on social media, but we do have another method of customer service that you might not be aware of.  In case this ever happens again (not that it should!) you're always welcome to work with our T-Force team over FB or Twitter if you're online already! 


        Lastly, and most importantly: was your issue ever resolved last night?  What was your concern?  We don't have account access in this forum, but I'm happy to offer any help I can provide!  Thank you for choosing this forum to let us know about your experience - let me know if I can assist you in any way!


        - Marissa

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