Backorder means no phone for how long???


    Minor rant + questions!  T-mobile store:  Not helpful, dismissive of issue, poor communication, not a single apology in sight.   Customer service: Marginally more helpful, at least gave a figure of "no more than 20 days" (So... total of a month huh?).


    So, my JUMP! insurance doesn't count for anything here.  Warranty is out of date but the store are admitting there is a Bootloop problem with this device (and G5?) so they claim they'll replace it, after which I'll trade it in with T-mobile or elsewhere if they take trade-in since T-mobile has not impressed me one bit and LG is a joke to me now.  Disgusted with how long this takes and I'd rather they just issue me a different phone than wait for them to fix a manufacturer fault!  I've more than half paid this brick off at this point but don't want to pay more for the same faulty bit of junk.


    I hear other service providers are handling this particular issue much much faster, as quickly as 2 days.


    My question is, should I be paying for a month's service when my phone is bricked?  I asked this of the rep and did not get a clear reply!


    Since I'll never touch LG again I'm having to hunt for another.  Considering switch to the iPhones having gotten tired of laggy Android OS with previous Samsung/LG models.  Any suggestions or brand recommendations?  Looking for something in the 400 price range, though open to higher (or lower)


    Thanks in advance!

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Backorder means no phone for how long???

        Ahh, the beloved bootloop, an issue I know all too well on a personal level.


        The biggest issue right now is stock from LG, and because it's reliance on another group that's already over their head since this is an issue that impacts devices on all carriers, it's not been the easiest waters to navigate.


        This issue is happening on multiple carriers, and with direct manufacturer exchanges. :/


        I know that's a pretty imperfect answer for a pretty crummy situation.


        Do you happen to have an older device that you can use your SIM card in? Or any loaner options?



          • ammyrose

            Re: Backorder means no phone for how long???

            Sadly no.  I moved to the US in 2013 and in 2015 made the mistake of making the G4 my first US mobile phone.  I do have a (UK bought) S3, but it's sluggish and I think it's locked.


            I understand they're back-order, however am shocked that they insist customers go without a phone rather than just bring in the faulty BootLoopers and allow customers to choose another device which is what I will do anyway once I get a replacement LG.  I hear replacements have the same problem and must admit I'd not comfortably go out and about relying on LG!   :]


            Basically I should have used my JUMP! and upgraded before this happened.  :{

            • ammyrose

              Re: Backorder means no phone for how long???

              Also, can I just confirm that I'm not getting charged considering I can't use my service and the phone is a dud?  It would be really peculiar for T-mobile to charge me during this period considering they refuse to give anything beyond "Just wait".  No.  I don't want to wait.  I'd rather give the phone back, cancel the whole thing and switch providers at this point.


              I want to know options here as I'm getting concerned from other people that the wait list is beyond T-mobile's control and I can't keep waiting on or paying for a bricked phone.  If T-Mobile won't resolve I will have to take up with consumer protection as this patronizing talk and lack of a solution is frankly disgusting.


              I literally don't want an LG of any model. Ever.  I just want to swap out phones for a reliable brand and I'll pay the difference if it's more.  I'm 15 months into my 2 year contract so should be eligible for upgrade.  Defective device is not mine or anyone else's fault -- our only mistake is trusting in the LG brand name.

            • ammyrose

              Re: Backorder means no phone for how long???

              Spoke to T-mobile today.  They said they're waving the upgrade fee this time due to the situation, and they're shipping me a new phone (S7E) direct to my home, then I have to ship back the LG G4 since I'm basically upgrading (JUMP!).  Hopefully all well from here.  Fingers crossed, anyway.  Only annoying that I paid anything for this defective phone (only $174 left to pay off) but that's fine -- it's the last penny LG will ever get from me or the numerous friends and fam who I previously recommended LG phones to.  They know better now.  Hubby, sister, friends all were considering G5 -- not anymore! ;]


              Fellow LG G4 victims.  I can recommend calling and asking customer service about upgrade if you can.  Or asking about a different color LG as the first lady I spoke to mentioned that the metallic is on further backorder then the brown or something?  She also mentioned that they're starting to tackle the LG G4 problem since so many people are having this happen so keep on at them!  Definitely keep trying to call through, people, you'll hopefully get through to the lovely ladies I spoke to!

              • georatm

                Re: Backorder means no phone for how long???

                Tell them to send you a galaxy s6 like they sent me, its worked out for me thus far.