Ordered a back-ordered device and want to change shipping method.


    I spoke with a representative over the phone and said I had just placed an order a couple days ago for new service/phones and since they are back-ordered, I wanted to change the shipping method to overnight.  When I placed the original order over the phone I wasn't presented with any shipping options. Without asking me for any additional information, she told me that once the order is placed they can't make any changes. When I try to check the order status online, the website still says:


    "Looks like we're having trouble finding your order. If it's an Upgrade, log into My.T-Mobile.com to check your order status.


    If you recently placed an order for a new line and activation, your order is still working through our system, please come back and check again later.

    Thank you-we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."


    So in my mind the order hasn't gotten very far so shouldn't I be able to change the shipping method to overnight?

    Also, is this the only information this website will give me until my phone ships possibly not until December 19th?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey thmihughes!  Congrats on ordering a new phone - of course you want to get it ASAP.  Once an order is placed and the EIP/Lease agreement is completed, the order is finalized and can't be modified - we can't alter the shipping method or address or even the color of the phone.  What we can do is cancel and replace the order, but fair warning - this would start your wait over.

        Where are you looking up your order?  Is this an order for brand new service, or are you adding a line or upgrading equipment on an existing account?


        - Marissa

          • thmihughes




            Yesterday I did call in and ask if I could cancel my order so I could place it again to change the shipping to overnight as well as take advantage of the Cyber Monday deal for the 128GB iPhone 7. The representative said that I could. So he said he cancelled the order and I hung up and wanted to try and order online only to find out that since the other phone I wanted was backordered, I had to call in and start the whole process over again.  So I called once again and asked the representative if I would have to have my credit check run again and she said no and that she should be able to pull my info since it was done so recently. The process we went through from there sounded a lot line the initial process when my credit check was run the first time even though I never explicitly gave her permission to run my credit again.  I told her I wanted to take advantage of the $100 off for the iPhone 7 and I wanted overnight shipping.  We went through the rest of the process and somehow the initial payments for both phones was more than than my original order.  It should’ve been nothing for the iPhone 7 with the deal and $149 for the iPhone plus like it was the first time I placed the order. She told meet was $57 for the iPhone 7 and $209 for the iPhone plus.  I gave her my original order number that was supposed to have been cancelled so she could see what I was talking about.  She put me on hold, then came back and told me the original order had not been cancelled and that she didn’t think it even could have been cancelled once the EIP was signed. So I asked her if the guy who told me he cancelled it was lying to me or just didn’t know what he was doing and she just laughed. 


            So, now I am left being out $100 I could’ve saved, possibly damaged credit, and not knowing at all whether or not my original order still exists. 


            The link I am using to check on my order status is the one provided to me through email from T-Mobile in my order confirmation email: here.

            This is an order for brand new service.


            At the very least, I very much need someone who knows what they’re talking about to confirm that my order does indeed exist.  I don’t think this is a safe place to send you my order number. At this point I don’t what to go through the process again to re-order again to choose overnight shipping (something I wasn’t offered in the original call).  And I guess there’s nothing to do about the $100 I could’ve saved by placing the order yesterday. As for my credit I don’t want to even think about what kind of process I’d have to go through to get that fixed.


            From what I’ve heard, Salaried Call Center managers have the ability to make things happen that representatives and hourly supervisors don’t know about.  Perhaps it is time one of them contact me to work this out.

              • tmo_marissa

                Oh no, thmihughes - what a fiasco.  This definitely didn't play out the way we'd have liked - I'm so sorry that you're putting forth so much effort to resolve this.  I assure you our internal teams have a tool to cancel pending backorders, and I'm so sorry that you didn't receive a clear confirmation that this was handled already, not to mention that we made you feel like we didn't take this reasonable request seriously.  Absolutely we want to make sure you don't wind up with two orders (double charged your up front amounts for second phones you don't need) and frankly it sounds like keeping the original order might have been preferable.  We are thrilled that you're joining T-Mobile - this isn't the way we want to start things off.


                The Support community are user forums, so we don't have account access here to review orders or request outbound contact for you - but please do Contact Us ASAP so that we can make this right. 


                - Marissa

                  • thmihughes

                    Could you at least tell me if I would've received an email notification if my origional order had been cancelled?

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Hey thmihughes, as far as I know, we send confirmations when an order is canceled.  Since I can't view the order history and confirm this myself, and I know you've already called more than you'd like, what about working with one of our T-Force teams online?  It is a little tricky to verify your information since your account isn't active yet, but can you reach out to us via FB or Twitter and once we are able to DM or PM with you, give the representative your order number?  Then we can look up the order in the same tool where we'd update credit card info or cancel a backorder, grab your tentative account number, verify your information and confirm whether or not the cancellation is complete.  Also, you can link to this thread once you're working with someone - that way they'll be able to read over what's going on and you won't have to explain this process.


                        - Marissa