LG K7 water damage


    So i really need help bad. I spilled bubble solution (what you use to blow bubbles) all over my phone causing water damage. I've tried the rice trick but it doesnt work. I am under the simple choice plan and was wondering could i just upgrade to the tmobile one plan and receive a different phone.

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      • theartiszan

        Re: LG K7 water damage

        You would need to purchase another phone still. Do you have insurance?

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          • 773-592-2041

            Re: LG K7 water damage

            so i only put the phone in rice for a couple hours and i found out that you have to let it sit in rice for 24 to 48 hours so i let it sit in rice again for a whole day and a half but no i do not have any insurance on the phone so im guessing i would have to pay the full price?

          • barcodeable

            Re: LG K7 water damage

            IF you have an awesome Plan already, Im trying to understand why you want to dump your current plan and migrate to the T-Mobile One Plan just to get a free phone?


            IF you are interested in the T-Mobile One Plan for personal reasons than im sure T-Mobile would love to make the necessary changes for you. But, "Once you go to the T-Mobile ONE track, you can't go back" to your Original Plan.


            JUst letting you know, so there will be no surprises later.


            ANd if you need a new phone just buy one!

            TMobile have many phones to choose from, and they have EIP payment plans so you can pay over a 2 year span. If all you need is a new phone (then buy a phone). Leave your Plan alone. One thing has nothing to do with the other.