My Note4 edge SM-N915T Shuts down when battery gets around 50 % or lower and will not boot up  until connected to a wall charger. It usually happens when trying to open up application or making a call. This is happening within the last 2 months but the frequency of shut down has increased in recent weeks. It also drains the battery fast. The phone is 2 years old


    This morning it shut down when fully charged. Looking through the boards, that said wiping out cache may hep. I have wiped my cache twice in 2 days.


    The phone is now getting worse as it is shutting down more often. This shut down started happening after the latest update of android. y phone details


    Note4 edge model SM-N915T

    Baseband version N915UVU2DPJ2

    Android version 6.0.1

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