no longer able to access cellular network (with Coolpad Catalyst)


    We've previously been able to use this phone to make phone calls, using either cellular of wifi calls. However, the cellular network no longer seems to work (despite being in an area where it should, wifi calls still working, etc)

    When attempting to make a phone call w/ cellular network, get message that can't connect & that we need to turn off airplane mode (which is NOT on); have tried:


    • Turning on & off airplane mode (in case would reset the setting) – no help
    • various settings on wifi & wifi calling: only way to be able to successfully make a call is to have wifi only (“never use cellular”) setting on – even with another T-Mobile device in same room getting multiple “bars” of reception & able to make a call, this phone gets no service
    • have tried turning on & off wifi calling, on & off wifi to see if network will reset – all no help
    • made sure android software version was up to date (it is)
    • customer service rep checked re: IMEI number (no blocks/should work OK)
    • used sim card from this phone in another android/T-Mobile phone – was able to make a phone call OK (same location/room/etc)
    • tried rebooting phone (in-between & after above steps) – no help
    • have tried changing network to 2G (for more basic setting) – no help
    • tried wiping catch partition – no help
    • tried master reset – no help (back to prior function once re-installed everything: wifi calls work, cellular does not)
    • still have plenty of minutes left, all that sort of thing, as well...



    Any ideas?

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      • tmo_chris

        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community! You have definitely put in your due diligence to try and fix this issue. The error message you are getting feels more like a software related issue than it does a network issue but that should have been cleared with a master reset. Out of curiosity, do you have any other T-Mobile phones that you know are working that you can try SIM swapping with? I want to see if the Coolpad behaves the same way with a known working SIM card.