iPhone 7 plus call sound quality is horrid. What's going on?


    My wife has been having issues with either Iphones or Tmobile service.


    iPhone 6 was getting crappy signals and call sounds were pretty bad. She decided to JOD to Iphone 7 Plus to see if it's resolves issue. Nope.


    Currently when she gets call, it sounds like they are far away or underwater. she would constantly ask caller to please repeat or put it speaker phone to hear.


    I have exhausted google on this and i have tried everything! from "tried turning it off and on again" (thanks Roy), rest network settings, disabling LTE crap, turn off the noise cancellation, etc.


    It was mentioned that it's the Tmobile service in my area. I checked out the coverage map for zip code 85122, there should be Lte everywhere but there's always 1-2 dots or bars on her phone.


    I found some were resolved by have Apple/Tmobile replace the iPhone 7 plus some even had it replaced 3 times to finally get this resolved.


    For some odd strange un-natural phenomenal my wife wants the iPhone 7 Plus after trying to persuade her to an Android phone but it's not working.


    What's going on with these iPhones? this is very frustrating.

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