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    My phone will not turn off when I push the button in the back

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      • betsy.thompson86@gmail.com

        Re: LG G Stylo

        Mine does the same thing as well as the volume buttons don't work.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: LG G Stylo

          Hey folks!  I'm so sorry to hear about your phones - how frustrating.  We don't have any internal reports of button functionality being a known issue with the Stylo.  I did some quick online digging and came up with one forum that recommends trying a forced reset as a first step in troubleshooting - holding the power button and volume down button together until the phone restarts.  I have to say that honestly kind of surprised me - if the buttons aren't working then I don't know why they'd work when pressed simultaneously - but that seems worth a shot.  Are either of you using any cases that could be impacting your buttons' functionality?  Have you completed any troubleshooting so far?  Let me know a little more about where you are with this issue.  Hardware concerns like this often lead to taking equipment to the store so that we can physically check it out and then order a replacement for you if the equipment is under warranty, but maybe the reset will work for you!  


          - Marissa

            • kindlelover

              Re: LG G Stylo

              All of a sudden my buttons started working again. I just praise God for it!

              It was driving me insane! I do appreciate your response. I am very careful

              with my phone. It didn't get wet. I had not dropped it. It was the

              strangest situation. I am happy all is well now.


              Nedra Haymon

              Cleveland, Ohio