iPhone 6 STILL not credited to account yet


    I returned by iPhone 6 that I traded for a 7 in the beginning of October. It shows received 10/20. How long  does it take to get the billing credits? I am supposed to have a "free" upgrade so will all of the months I am paying while waiting for the credit to appear be credited back?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey rcalabro!  Waiting for trade-in credits - especially when you're participating in a promotion - is super rough.  The honest truth is that it can take up to three bill cycles after the arrival date for you to see the adjustments.


        First you'll see the lump sum credit, and then the monthly credits will apply.  They'll continue until you get the full value promised for the promotion you participated in - which would be a little different depending on whether you were part of the first or second wave iPhone Trade-Up promotion participants (it sounds like you were in the first section).  Even if you want to switch phones before the 24 months of adjustments are complete, as long as your account is in good standing, you'll continue to get the credits on your bills!  Please let me know if you have any other questions about the promo - I will cross my fingers that your phone is evaluated and credits are applied ASAP!


        - Marissa

          • rcalabro

            Re: iPhone 6 STILL not credited to account yet

            Thanks for the quick response. I will keep crossing my fingers.

              • johniej

                Re: iPhone 6 STILL not credited to account yet

                Don't be surprised if Assurant Solutions doesn't claim that your device was defective, I had two devices traded in during this promotion that were claimed that they would not power on. Since it has been too long I can't get them back to have them examined or file a claim against the post office (yes I went extra length and paid for USPS to deliver insured). Seems to be a rip off to me, store won't accept phones on promotions so you're left sending them in for someone to claim that they didn't power up. By the time you realize that you aren't getting the credit you were entitled it's too late to get the device back. Assurant has probably already sold the device and T-Mobile didn't have to honor the promotion - win win for both!