Paid off & finally cancelled phone service is in Arrears, what next?


    (Sigh!!!)----sooooo sick of stupid T-Mobile run by idiots!!!


    The response I got from T-mobile correspondence department said that they received my final payment & confirmed that my cell phone has been cancelled by my request, but my account is in Arrears. They did not mentioned that this would be cleared off which is the reason I'm back here again being forced to ask on T-Mobile Support (waste time)!!! Will this be cleared off??? Will I receive another bill because of their error??!!

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      • kiheitek100

        Since T-Mobile Live Chat is never available for whatever reason that I don't care about, I found partial answer to my own question in case others on this T-Mobile Community wonders about their account being officially paid off & cancelled but was told their account is in Arrears rather than it being cleared immediately. I just want to make sure I DO NOT "MINDLESSLY" receive another bill from T-Mobile.


        What I found: under "BILL FAQS," scroll down to "...difference between bill current & bill arrears." It says, "With bill arrears, your bill is processed & due after the bill cycle is closed." I suppose I have to wait until billing cycle ends for my closed & paid off account to clear completely. So what are the days within the billing cycle? 30-days? I'll probably find the answer under "Understand Your Bill." If customer service can respond to this just to confirm my account will be cleared & to let me know that T-mobile will not send a bill to me.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hi kiheitek100.  I am glad to hear that Customer Relations was able to confirm that your payment was received and applied!  That's fantastic.  I'm not able to advise what the account looks like on our side since we don't have account access in this forum, but I can definitely do my best to address your questions in a general manner.


          Since your account is cancelled, you do not need to worry about receiving additional charges from us if the payment you sent brought the balance to zero.  If your question regarding the balance being "cleared" is in regard to how the collection agency handles the account and not regarding T-Mobile, then unfortunately I'm not able to say what their timeline is.  I can assure you that when you pay us directly, we forward the funds to the collections agency within a few days of when the payment clears. 


          Regarding "billing in arrears" - while your balance is impacted in our internal system as soon as payment is applied, in order to provide a statement (for any account - whether billed in arrears or billed current) showing that reduced (or $0) balance, we have to wait until after your bill cycle close date.  Our cycles are 30 days long, but the start/close dates are not universal, so you'd need to look at an old T-Mobile statement from when your account was active or reach out to a team with account access to find out exactly what date that was.  Let's say, for example, your cycle closes on the 21st of every month - bill production takes about four days, so a print copy would be available on the 25th.


          Please let us know if there are any other general questions that we can assist with - or you're always welcome to continue our direct message correspondence, I'm happy to address your concerns there as well.  Thank you!



            • kiheitek100


              I just received a confirmation letter from T-mobile's Customer Relations to confirm that my balance is zero just like you had mentioned. Previously, I had also sent a letter to the collections agency for them to also send me a confirmation letter as well but never received one. Should this matter? I suppose the confirmation letter received from T-Mobile is all that matters?

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hi kiheitek100.  I'm very glad your confirmation from our Customer Relations team arrived.  I'm sorry that you're still waiting for correspondence from the collections agency.  Personally, getting that letter from them would be important to me, but it's entirely your choice whether you wish to pursue the matter further.  If I were in this situation (and again, this might just be telling of a Type A personality), I would probably photocopy the letter you received from us and mail the copy to them asking that they provide a matching balance statement or confirmation.  Since they're a separate company, I can't say how long they may take to respond, nor is this a requirement of you by T-Mobile - it's ultimately up to you - but person to person, that's how I'd go about it because I like to have everything tied up.


                  - Marissa

              • tmo_chris

                Hey there Just stopping by to see if you still had any questions on this. Let us know!