wearable plan question


    I got my first wearable plan bill, I understand the prorate charge of $2 but dont understand why I have been charged $2.71 TWICE on this line for the "regulatory fee..." ?


    So in all the $5 plan cost me a little over $13 LOL with fees.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: wearable plan question

        Hey frederickdawg!  That's a great question.  The regulatory programs fee is assessed on partial and full months - so my guess is that if your wearable line was activated after the last cycle's bill was complete, you're seeing a prorated charge for the partial month of service and the regulatory fee for that month as well.  Going forward, you'll only see one monthly charge and one fee for the line.  How is everything else going with it?  Hope it's working well so far!


        - Marissa