If my billing period ends on Dec 5th, why is the bill due on Nov 25th?


    I just joined, and my billing period is from Nov 4th, to Dec 5th.  But my first bill's due date is Nov 25th.  Why is the billing period due date 10 days prior to the period even ending?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there taraczop!  Thank you so much for joining our ranks!  This is a great question - we do things a little differently, including billing.  Instead of billing like a utility, where a statement is processed and due after the service's use is complete, we "bill current" on newer accounts - your bill is processed and due during the current use cycle. We do have a page with a little clarification to help you Understand your bill, but I'm also happy to help out if you have any questions!  We'd love to make your transition as easy as possible.   Welcome again!


        - Marissa