How do i turn my t-mobile billing back on

    Does anyone if I can reactivate my inapp purchase billing with out talking to a t-mobile representative ?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey Corey!  It depends on how the access to bill purchases to your account was turned off.  You can test by going to the Play Store > Settings > Account > Payment Methods.  If you're able to select the "Bill my T-Mobile..." option, awesome!  If not, then it may have been disabled on the T-Mobile account side rather than in your device. 


        If it was disabled through Family Allowances, and you're the Primary Account Holder, you can manage Family Allowance settings through MyT-Mobile or the T-Mobile app.  If the access was removed with Content Blocking, you can manage that through the website as well!  Were you able to bill purchases to your T-Mobile account before?  Do you know how it was disabled?


        - Marissa