Will a new nano-SIM card work better than my manually-trimmed regular SIM?


    I got a new unlocked Google Pixel phone, which takes a nano-SIM card. Following instructions online (and from T-Mobile reps), I simply got my regular-SIM card trimmed (by a mobile phone store using one of those 'punching' devices) so that it now fits in my new phone and works.


    My question is whether there are any technological advantages to buying a true nano-SIM card and using it in my phone instead of this 3 year old regular SIM card that I had manually cut. Are today's nano-SIM cards faster / more reliable / better call quality than whatever the standard was for regular SIM cards 3 years ago? Or will I see absolutely NO benefit to spending the $20 on a true nano SIM over and above what I'm getting with my manually-cut SIM?

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