Buy some full-speed tethering with T-Mobile One plan?


    I see there's the ability to buy a day's worth of full resolution video for $3 on the plan, but no offer to buy full-speed tethering.


    I've only used tethering when we visit the inlaws and I hide behind my iPad to retain my sanity. I'd be willing to spend a few bucks to get a day's decent performance when tethered.


    Just a thought...

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there You can add unlimited 4G LTE smartphone mobile hotspot (tethering) to your T-Mobile One plan with our ONE Plus add-on for only $25. You can add this add-on to your account through your online account.

          • rbob

            Well, sure. But that's $25 each and every month for a service I'l likely want to use once or twice a year for a single day.


            I'm lobbying for something like the ability to buy a day's worth of HD video for $3 (if I understand the feature correctly).


            I doubt that I could turn the One Plus feature on and off as needed, or that the billing system would be clever (or generous) enough to pro-rate the charge on a daily basis  

              • tmo_chris

                Ahh okay, I see what you mean. The ONE Plus feature is a monthly service that can be added and removed at any time but the charge is not prorated for the amount of time that you use it. If you choose to add the service, it will be the full $25 for that month but you can remove it at the end of the month if you no longer need it.

                  • rbob

                    Can I add the ONE Plus feature in the middle of my billing period and have it effective immediately? Is it then effective for a month (30 days) or just to the end of the current billing period? If I delete the feature, is it disabled immediately, or run to the end of the billing period?


                    I see that I can add the feature online; can I remove the feature online or do I have to talk to customer service?

                      • tmo_chris

                        The ONE Plus feature is not a feature that can be prorated but you can add it whenever you want. If you choose to add the feature to your account, you will see a $25 charge for the current month of service as well as $25 for the month in advance if you are on our bill current method of billing.

                        If you remove the feature, the $25 charge for the month in advance is removed/credited since you did not use it for that cycle.