When my son's cell phone was stolen, I was talked into trading in an iphone 5 for a new iphone 7. I was under the impression, that my bill wouldn't  change by much at all. On top of that, I was cohersed to upgrade my perfect plan to the One plan. I understood that it would not change my monthly payment at all since I was already paying for 3 lines and the deal was to receive the 4th tablet line for free. I didn't need a tablet,  but why not accept a free tablet? Now I'm looking at having over $500 automatically deducted from my bank account. I wish I had the luxory of being ok w that, but i honestly can't afford that. I'm finding out now that there are several details that the sales rep witheld from me and had I known about them, I would've made other choices. Please direct me on where to go from here.

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