Stock V20 camera mode always in greyscale/B&W


    Had the V20 since this 1st day it came out. Everything works fine until this morning (the last photo I taken was last nite).

    The stock V20 camera app, when turned on (regular Auto mode with auto HDR), the display screen is greyscale (or black and white). Both cameras (front and back); snapped photos and they are the same in greyscale. I don't think there is any settings on the auto mode.


    Switched menu to pop-up or layout type mode, the display are normal color, and photo taken are color. Use other photo relate app (FB, Snapchat, Allo) all displays color on screen and takes color photos.


    One thing, when I switch on stock camera mode to manual, it is still displaying greyscale and snap B&W photos.


    Help please.

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