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      • gramps28

        Do a google search for his email or use twitter.


        They won't/can't give it to you on this site.

        • tmo_amanda

          Hello quanyel!


          I know having your voice heard and issue resolved is a must. gramps28 had a helpful suggestion and I would also like to make sure you're pointed in the right direction. Can you share with me more what's going on?

            • quanyel

              I Tmobile used my card on file for my payments and set me up for auto draft (that I knew nothing about and did not approve)....I called in about the issue and was told it would take 3-5 business days to refund me my money. due to the time it took to get the refund my account was over drawn too long which caused 2 over drafts

              they finally refunded me the $270 the took out but asked for my bank statements to show the overdrafts

              so I did. I marked out transactions before the $270 was took out and left everything that was pertaining to Tmobile visible. I did not cover up anything that happened after the $270 transaction. Tmobile had no problem taking my money but now expect me to send in bank states that shows all my account information. This is unacceptable

                • theartiszan

                  They basically want proof that you did actually incur over draft charges to prevent fraud. I can understand it but they should be willing to accept a subset of information with non relevant data redacted.

                  • tmo_marissa

                    Hey quanyel, I wanted to drop by and echo our users who offered advice and explanations.  I know it feels like a total poke in the eye when there's an issue with an overpayment and you have to do legwork to be reimbursed for fees.  It's definitely OK if you want to mark out non-relevant information, but please be sure that the dollar amounts of transactions and running totals still show next to each line item.  That's the biggest hiccup we see folks run into, because most bank's online views don't include running totals, you may have to go to your bank to get a statement like that.  Basically, next to each transaction our team needs to see the overall balance so that it supports that the T-Mobile transaction was the cause of the fees.  I'm so sorry that this extra step is required.  This is definitely one of those situations where the negative actions of a few people add to the workload for honest folks like you - and I'm also really sorry that it sounds like we dropped the ball in the first place if you didn't want AutoPay. 


                    Since this is a user forum, we're not able to look at your account particulars, but I'm happy to help answer any more general questions you might have!  I'm hoping that this has already been resolved for you, but please let me know if there's anything else that we can do.


                    - Marissa

                      • quanyel

                        No it has yet to be resolved now im asked to resend the fax for the third time...this time they want me too wrote on the fax the dollar amount im along for to be reimbursed...Which they already know the amount. This has been the worst experience ever. No i did not setup auto pay so yes tmobile dropped the ball now I'm being dragged around for it. I'm currently looking into how to file a civil suit because this has been a financial set back due to me having to clear my own negative account and not having the money i need for bills

                  • cameronjc05


                    My name is Cameron. I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for 3 year and half years. A couple weeks ago, I walked into the T-Mobile Store in Downtown Cincinnati to see if I could price out a new phone for my girlfriend. After obtaining my account information I was advised that I would be eligible to not only add a new line for free but also because it had been 3 yrs., my other two lines would be eligible for free upgrades (no deposit required). I said why not, couldn’t say no to free, right. So we process this transaction for the purchase of 3 new galaxy edge 7s and one free tablet (Galaxy Tab E w/ cellular) for adding a new line. All these purchases were literally offer to me on a platter. Personally, I and my other line were fine with our current devices, I just wanted to see about getting some pricing a possible 3rd line but I’ll admit they sold me on the free and cheaper monthly bill. So two weeks went by, and randomly I receive a call from the Store Manager who I believe replaced the other manager that processed the sale initially. He stated that not only was original transaction never processed for the new phones and tablet but they didn’t have the IMEI numbers for the devices either. So I had to track down the boxes and each device all within a 24 hour period and send the information to him along with the credit card information they had sitting around on a manual receipt for two weeks, that was somehow shredded by someone in mgmt. I even notified him that they took pictures of the barcodes when we purchased them, and he said the sales rep and the other manager no longer work at that location...but it’s been two weeks and they were just trying to get this rectified. So I authorized them to process the initial price of the phones and tablet that was provided to me on the manual receipts. He calls me back and says they will need to add tax to the price as well to make up some of the loss on cost of the devices, so say go ahead, let’s get this resolved! But nope instead he calls back again and stated that there would be another deposit required in order to process the sale. Why? Because the promotions ended back on the weekend of 2/24 and it was not processed correctly by the previous mgr. Unacceptable. I also had my girlfriends number switched out from another carrier during this process. I am irate about how this situation has been handled and the duration of time it’s taking to rectify this problem which has nothing to do with anything I did wrong. The 6th Street Downtown Cincinnati location was being severely mismanaged and now loyal customers are having to pay the cost. On principle alone, I am not going to pay extra for devices that were offered to me at one price paid for (per my manual receipts and promotion) then basically never processed, flagged as stolen and re-offered at a different price. That how I feel as a customer of T-Mobile right now, like I walked into the back of the store and stole 3 galaxy's and a Tab E and ran out. I am very disappointed on how this has been handled and if I am being required to take more time out, and more time out of my families time, you guys can have the phones and I will be disconnecting my lines and I will make it as clear as I possibly can how mistreated I've been throughout this process. I've been left holding the bag for situation I didnt cause and completed on my end legally. I hope someone reads this post and it is helpful to them on making a decision about this carrier.

                      • tmo_mike_c

                        Oh my goodness cameronjc05. I'm absolutely stunned this happened to you and I want to help get this taken care of. You've given a ton of detail already, and I appreciate you coming to support to tell us about this. I did send you a private message here:


                        Can you reply to that message for me? I'll do what I can to get you some guidance on how to get this sorted out. Thank you.

                        • loveaangel

                          I completely understand.  T-Mobile store reps ha e become e hungry sales associates.  I went in back in January with my husband the buy a new headset when the sales associate started bragging about this new device that not only tracks your car but also gives you free Wi-Fi.  I said to my husband( since I have limited 4g) that's amazing now I can watch all the moves and videos I want in the car.  They even said wow and this device  will be free no down payment or monthly fee for the getting it during this promotion time.  Needless to say it was too good to be true.  Always read your contract.  At no point did the sales person show me the promotion flier which clearly mentioned the data cap and tried to mention there was a data cap when I clearly mentioned. Oh the best part is the unlimited Wi-Fi wow!  So of course when. I retired to the store 2 and half weeks later I couldnt return this device and now we are stuck paying the obviously not free device.  Please don't make these costly mistakes and steer clear of these devious sales associates.  We are now just waiting to pay off our devices to return to our old Carrier. 

                        • stacydecker

                          I recently switched to T-Mobile with the understanding that I would receive $200 per line in the form of gift cards.  I contacted T-Mobile by phone initially and was told by the representative I could use my AT&T phones with

                          T-Mobile with no problem. That wasn't true - I found out I had to have my phones unlocked with AT&T, which I did.  I went forward with the phone representative to set up my new service with T-Mobile.  I'm sure at that point they didn't want to lose the sale by telling me I had to trade in my phones in order to get the gift cards.  I then paid over $600 to AT&T to pay off my phones and terminate my contract, which I believed I would get back from T-Mobile.  I went to the T-Mobile store with my phones for them to help me set them up with the new SIM cards I received in the mail.  I asked the store representative what I needed to do to get the gift cards.  He told me not problem - he would request the cards for me and did something on his computer - he said absolutely nothing about trading in my old phones and told me the request for the gift cards was done. Several weeks passed and when I called today because the gift cards had not

                          arrived, I was told I wasn't eligible because I didn't trade in phones for new ones with T-Mobile. So I spent $600 to terminate my AT&T contract and now I get nothing from T-Mobile.  This was a huge mistake and will cost me

                          more in the end.  This is deceptive advertising and unacceptable customer service. The idea was that I could keep my phones and save money with lower rates from T-Mobile, and T-Mobile would reimburse me for terminating my contract with AT&T. Now I'm out $600 and wondering what I'm going to do.

                          • sanshou

                            Dear Mr. Legere,


                            I want to tell you about my experience becoming a new customer at T-Mobile. On February 27th I read a news article about a new promo being offered by TMobile, the offer was 3 lines of unlimited data for $100. On March 4th I called TMobile and discussed the offer with a representative, I asked him how much it would cost to add 2 additional lines to the 3 line deal. The representative told me that it would cost $100 for the first 3 lines, the 4th line would be $40 and the 5th line $20 for a total of $160. I was very excited to hear this!!! I could FINALLY leave Verizon, I could again afford unlimited data and I was going over to a company that actually cares about it's customers!!! I told everyone I knew about the deal, I told them how my cell service was better than Verizon, I told them that I was saving a lot of money by switching and I was even willing to buy a TMobile jacket!!! (LOL- Seriously I would!!!) All the way thru the purchase and setup of my phones, customer service was amazing!!! And then my bill came.... It was for $210!!!! Not $160. I immediately called customer service, and they asked if we had paperless billing (yes), then do we have auto pay setup (yes). Next the rep talked to his supervisor, he put me on hold. When he came back he said that I shouldn't worry, the bill would adjust on the 24th of the month and it would then deduct the discounts. He assured me that my plan was for $160 (+$5 a month for a phone I purchased). I patiently waited for the bill. On March 26th my credit card was charged $185 and my statement said I would be changed an additional balance of $25 on April 2nd for a total of $210!!! I again called customer service and informed them of the billing mistake. The 1st time I called I was told by the rep that the system was down and he would get back to me within 24 hours. This was on March 26th. Within minutes of the call I received a survey, asking me how I was helped. At this point I was very frustrated and gave the rep 0's, I explained the situation in the comments and even said that although I gave the rep 0's that he was very nice. A few minutes later I received a call from the rep, he had received the feedback. Again I was told to not worry, the bill would be corrected and my plan was $160 because of auto pay and paperless billing (+$5 phone)! The rep said he would fix it and said that everything would be corrected, "keep smiling"... Within a day the $25 charge that was due on April 2nd was removed, however my credit card was never reimbursed the $20 over charge. So my credit card bill is still $185??? The price I was promised for the plan was $160, it includes all taxes and fees. That was the promised price!!! I'm hoping that you receive this email, and that you can understand my frustration. I would like to hear from someone about my bill, and that this can be resolved soon. I would once again like to know that I made the right choice in switching to T-Mobile. Thanks for taking the time to read this.  This was the email I sent today and will send everyday until someone explains why I was promised a plan at $160 +$5 phone, however I have been billed $185....

                              • sanshou

                                Update: I was contacted by the CEO's executive office today, they apologized for the issues, reviewed my plan, aggreed that $160 (+$5 phone)what was I should have been charged, credited my account and verified my next bill. I did appreciate that when I elevated the issue it was addressed quickly and professionally. Thanks

                                  • sach2017



                                    Can you please tell me how you escalated the issue to the CEO? I have similar issues and I am not getting help from their customer service.




                                      • stevetjr

                                        Easiest is to just tweet him John Legere but you can email him



                                        Have you worked with T-Force yet? If you haven't I would suggest them

                                        before having to go the CEO route, they are very good at resolving issues.

                                        They can be reached on Twitter or Facebook using the links on this site or

                                        the T-Mobile contact us page

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                                        • barcodeable

                                          The CEO does seem like a fun, down to earth awesome guy and appears to be concerned about the experiences of his customers. I would also recommend the T-Force route or calling the customer care first. If you don't get the desired results you want with the first attempt with customer care then it may be feasible to contact T-Mobile's Corporate Office. All of the at-Mobiles Employees are supposed to be the extension of the BOSS. So if you have a bad experience and you contact the proper channels (T-Force and Customer Care to fix your situations with negative results, then I would suggest writing a letter to the Corporate Office illustrating who you contacted with no adequate solutions and I'm sure if your situation has issues that needs to be addressed, it will not be ignored. 


                                          Contacting the CEO is really unnecessary unless he's a personal friend of your family :)

                                            • sach2017

                                              I contacted the T-force and they resolved the issue for me, well kind off. But...

                                              I wish that the customer service representative on phone or the store were able to fix my issue the first time. I asked the customer service on phone about what can be done, and they said they cannot do anything but give me half of what was promised. I asked them if I can talk to someone higher up who has more authority to fix this issue right and I was curtly told that he was the authority and no one can do more than what he did. I thought I was dealing with United! I went to the store, waited in a line to talk to a person who said he could not do anything. After all this effort and being told that nothing can be done, I felt that taking it to the highest level is best. The buck stops there. But if T-force can fix it, they should make t-force the only way to resolve such issues or give every representative the same powers as T-force. I shouldn't be wasting my time because t-mobile screwed up.

                                      • drwalker887

                                        Well let me tell you I have a huge complaint. I have never been treated so badly in my life like company it puts a bad taste in my mouth and makes me not want to come back. I have been a loyal customer for over 2 years. I am not young and not old but I will tell you I've seen a lot and nothing compares. What I have is I had 5 phones on my account a couple the phones for having service problems number one I couldn't get service at my work and I need to number to my kids could not get service inside School they need to be able to use their phones or contact you ever need to contact. So I see the jump on the man 100% guaranteed coverage that's States did you can of course return your phone or get it unlocked before 30 days. But to continue reading this is after 30 days that you're entitled to get your phone unlocked and that month credited to your account. First call the T-Mobile I got one of the phones unlocked. Now three weeks later And over 15 phone calls with a total of over 20 hours spent on the phone with T-Mobile and other 3 with Apple. No one seems to be able to unlock my iPhone 6s Plus it's a shame every time I call and I get the same story not a problem you'll get an email within 48 to 72 hours. First email from ARS you are approved. Well after trying to unlock it for several hours with all the instructions with T-Mobile sent me and also from Apple losing all the data on my daughter's phone and it backup still locked. After several more calls to tmobile which it's a shame that you have to read the the jump on demand hundred percent guaranteed a coverage to every customer service agent someone to listen some down still nothing can't get it unlocked. So I went to a local store they told me to call loyalty and retention so I did I talk to a real nice girl that I understood the problem and actually even since I had problem offered to break the lease and be done with it but I had to go to the store the turn it in. Explain to her how actually this was all temporary until the service issues in my area were taken care of or I transferred to a different department or I can get the service because I was happy. So I went to the local store to turn in the phone I told them everything was in the notes from loyalty. One of the agents was looking it up while another one decided to get involved without knowing exactly what was going on. This person treated me so badly without knowing my my story. He did not know anything about the hundred percent coverage guarantee he didn't want to hear anything about it I had much 75 year old mother with me and while I was talking to the other agent all this we did was sit behind me at another counter and Grimace and make faces and basically put me down. So I left with the store manager's card since he wasn't there and couldn't be reached. Sorry turned home and called loyalty again talk to another girl explain my situation she didn't want to deal with it or have anything to do with it so what she did after treating me very badly on the phone was transfer me all the sudden to another department that had nothing to do with anything that was going on now that's the terrible thing. This lady sent me back to loyalty talk to another gentleman try to explain everything rather Claus said he went to talk to his supervisor and then his supervisor would call me back within 15 minutes well that's been three and a half days and I still haven't heard anything. Now I call the local store to talk to this manager he still not there I asked for a district manager or his bosses phone number and nobody can give me the number so how do you get problem solving the store when you can't get ahold of the manager and nobody else can give you an answer. So I email him tell him what happened explain the situation I have not heard from him in return and it's been three days. So here I'm stuck after two more phone calls still no unlock phone still no return phone calls I had to Port my daughter's number out that we've had for over 5 years just so she had all her information for her Sports and her friends. Now I say I made sure through customer service that I could go ahead and port to number and I actually ported the number after two weeks of this whole Mess. So now I'm told that I should know ported my number which it plainly lists also in small lettering at the bottom of the Clause that after you invoke 100% guarantee coverage that you may do so. So now I can say I have a iPhone 6s Plus this is basically a paperweight because I'm having such a hard time getting an unlocked. All I want is a phone unlocked or taken back I was going to come back to T-Mobile but now I doubt it it's been a very very bad experience for me. And to be honest with you the corporate store in Middletown Ohio which is brand-new should be close and every first it works you're fired because nobody can answer your questions return your calls or anything of the sort. I hope somebody here and straighten this out because honestly I'm tired of it I've been treated so poorly over this whole situation that I give up I told you this would be long I'm sorry and any misspelling is because I did speech to text

                                          • foolmeonce

                                            I'm sorry to hear you're having so many problems, sincerely, I do the

                                            speech to text Sometimes some of the weirdest stuff comes out and I don't

                                            always read it. As far as the rude employees @ T-Mobile. I understand they

                                            deal with a lot of complaints every day. I Also know that it is their job.

                                            If you call during business hours you will speak to a call center in

                                            America I have found that to be the most helpful in complicated situations

                                            T-Mobile's Philippine & Korean call centers are pretty outstanding as far

                                            as outsourcing but they're limited to a smaller set of operating procedures

                                            in my experience they can't make any major changes even when they try it

                                            seems like I am calling back. I have found success in talking to someone in

                                            upper level management during business hours but under a pretext that I'm

                                            not calling to complain. I call under the pretext of a confused customer

                                            because, If you're being told so many different things you are a confused

                                            customer.  you're probably not going to get anywhere going to the same

                                            store to find a Regional manager. I think you might have better luck

                                            calling 611 and asking for T-Mobile technical. Even better than that would

                                            be to call the billing department and tell them you have questions about

                                            your bill because obviously you do have questions about your bill. And tell

                                            them what you signed up for they will know already and try to clear it up

                                            through them one thing's for sure when you call someone about paying a bill

                                            they will answer. They may try to refer you back to customer support. Stop

                                            them! Tell them you are have called customer support. And you basically

                                            just need the billing department to send you out the boxes and postage so

                                            you can mail their equipment back to them, and they can credit your

                                            account. At this point they should tell you they're going to send you to a

                                            customer/Billing specialist If they do not, ask to speak with a specialist

                                            it'll be a whole separate department, even  a separate department from the

                                            original customer service  you're not getting anywhere with. It is

                                            definitely best to try to get this done on the support line if. The support

                                            line is where your problems get fixed. If they think it's too complicated

                                            they will try to get you to take it back to the store it's too complicated

                                            for the store had to work If for some reason you have to use T-Mobile store

                                            within the region. Don't start off by complaining and telling them what

                                            someone else has said. Start off new by asking them questions. Try not to

                                            go back to the original. Let the new store know that you would rather do

                                            business with them. If the new store asking why just let him know because

                                            of poor customer service at the other store. I personally we'll go way out

                                            of my way to deal with a place that has good customer service. If you are

                                            locked out of an iPhone black screen says connect to computer I think you

                                            might have to use a Mac. Maybe you can do it with a PC. If you have the

                                            phone  backed up all you have to do to do is log into your iTunes account

                                            the computer files the phone and you can restore the phone to its previous

                                            backup. If you don't have the phone backed up make an iTunes account and

                                            follow the steps on how to format you lose everything in the phone but it

                                            will start to work again the only thing is I know that you have to have a

                                            Maverick or higher Mac I recently did this with the iPhone 6s and I have

                                            two MacBooks with the latest updated to Maverick maybe a little more. And

                                            my computer couldn't do it. My daughters brand new Apple was able to reset

                                            the phone. I hope some of this helps you. I Apologize in advance if I

                                            didn't stay on topic. I had a late night last night and I am fighting to

                                            stay awake, not doing so well.

                                          • drwalker887

                                            Believe I have done everything you said.  I just tried again and was told since I ported the number I cannot do it. Well after 3 weeks I did and only because loyalty and retention said I could. Just ridiculous. I guess I can try to put lease back on a new number , but I should not have too.

                                            • choihanyee


                                              This is Sarah Lee.

                                              my phone number is XXX.XXX.XXXX

                                              Our Family have been 15years of customer,

                                              but now we have to concern to disconnect the contact.


                                              This issue started a week before Thanks giving 2016.


                                              T mobile had promotions for $120 for lines.

                                              we had 4 lines and paid $150 that time.

                                              I called in and I asked, if we can change our plan to have discounts. First representative said I can, and also she said offer me two free line and two free devices that you had promoted at same time. I double checked with couple different representatives about 6 line =$120 to make sure. after confirming I set the plan As your representative offered.

                                              5phone line+ 1 tablet line=$120/ month

                                              One Lg phone+ one Lg tablet = Free

                                              This was my first deal.

                                              however after a week later I noticed That was not correct informations. There wasn't such things work like that. I was very upset because I can't talk to representative that gave me wrong offer. This is #1 problem with T mobile service. all of representatives gave me different informations, and they don't have responsibilities what they said. very disappointed and upset about their only "sorry" but nothing actually works.


                                              Even I was really upset how it went through I just gave up and accepted what it is.

                                              $120 changed to $190 now.

                                              But that was not only surprise, T mobile sent me two LG phone and a tablet instead of one of each. So I sent back right after because I didn't want to get extra charges again. I sent back with return form that T mobile sent me through e mail on December. I will attach the receipt that I sent. Again, I double check with couple representatives that they received the return phone, they said yes. But T mobile kept changed on my bill for that returned phone. so I had to call back every month to get credit back. but all sudden they did final charged me $199 for that returned phone.

                                              I talked four different representatives and managers, supervisors. they said they will fix it, and hold on to my account so I don't get charged.I told so many time that I don't have that phone but they Charged on my credit card!! I called again and they refund money back to my account. but they didn't confirm that the phone was returned.


                                              as a customer view... it seems like t mobile trying to kick me off of your business.

                                              it's been five months that I had to call t mobile every month and several time in a month. I am not person who stays home and call t mobile for fun. I don't want to be a t mobile customer if t mobile service won't change.


                                              my request is  to help me to disconnect with 15years of customer. now I have a Lg phone and Tablet that's on the contact. I know if I ask to to disconnect the service they will ask me to pay for both devices which I don't want to. I can return those devices back,

                                              but I don't want to pay anything.

                                              I can't trust any promises that t mobile service made. I do like to talk to in person, but if I go to t mobile store, they said I only can talk on the phone. and Now I am really tired of this. Please think as customer point of view...

                                              I am vey disappointed and too tir to talk about this. it's been over 5months!


                                              Sent from my iPhone
                                              *edited personal info - Marissa


                                              • stevetjr

                                                choihanyee. You can always talk to a live person by dialing 611 from any T-Mobile device.  This is a user support forum and while there are some T-Mobile employees here most are fellow customers. The T-Mobile employees that are here do not have account access so best to call 611.


                                                I will tell you when they signed you up for the promotion they would have also made you sign the EIP  (finance) contract for the devices plus the always have a document which shows your new monthly bill total. But just like if you finance a car you can't just turn it in and walk away from the loan, you are correct that if you cancel service they will require the remaining balance of all devices that have an EIP.  Other than calling you can also work with T-Force on Facebook, they are really good at getting problems resolved, so maybe they can get your plan figured out to what you were told it would be.

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                                                • drunkredneck1488

                                                  Switch to another Carrier, Customer Support at Tmobile is horrible

                                                  • tmo_marissa

                                                    Hello, folks!  We understand that everyone posting here has important concerns, and they absolutely merit attention and any support that this user forum can offer.  In situations that require account access, as Amanda and Mike and I have explained, we may hit some limitations since we don't have a secure verification method to employ to review account specifics in this channel.  But we do welcome feedback and want to help, or at least to clarify situations and point folks in a direction where they can be assisted.  Sometimes, frankly, even if all we can do is hear you out - we believe you deserve a space to be heard. 

                                                    Ultimately, though, one of our goals is to keep posts on topic so that users searching keywords can find similar discussions that might help them out.  At this point, this thread spans multiple scenarios that are unrelated, and many of the posts in it may have better visibility as new individual discussions - which would not only help the original poster, but also any potential user searching for answers on the same topic. 

                                                    To that end, we're going to lock this thread at this point.  This is not meant in any way to suggest that we don't want to hear your feedback - we do!  But we want your concerns to get the visibility they deserve, and for future users to be able to benefit from any insight our existing users, Pillars, or Community Managers may be able to offer.  Thank you for the feedback you're providing here, and for participating in the Support Community.


                                                    - Marissa