Alcatel Linkzone Wifi Hotspot


    The device information i listed below is based on specs from the T-Mobile device support page. I looked everywhere and not even the Alcatel website provide any information about this device other than the basics. This device has the below specifications for MEMORY, WHY???


    it supports up to 128 GB MicroSD card, Why so much memory?


    Can someone share some light on why this device have so much memory? Can you store data on the device and allow up to 15 users to access this data wirelessly???? There was a similar wifi hotspot that had this feature but it required too much setup preperations online to get it to work properly. Im a supporter of just powering on devices and they just work.


    SO my question is, What can this thing do, other than providing wifi to 15 devices continuously??????

    IS there a manual for this device, I would very much like to see it prior to purchasing it.



    • Memory
      • 128 GB RAM, 256 GB ROM
      • Supports up to 128 GB MicroSD card

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Alcatel Linkzone Wifi Hotspot

        Well, barcodeable, I found a User Manual for you!  Spoiler alert: it is a rather slim volume, and doesn't offer much in the way of explaining the use for this expandable memory!  I am curious, though - maybe some other owners will weigh in.


        - Marissa

          • barcodeable

            Re: Alcatel Linkzone Wifi Hotspot

            Whenever I find out what this thing can do I will buy one as a Christmas gift for myself .

            Thank You for searching. As I mentioned, I suspect you are able to store data onto the device to allow users to retrieve it wirelessly .  I hope if there is anyone who owns this device to please let me know what it can do.


            Will a T-Mobile Rep in sales or technical support be able to tell me what it can do?


            It's frustrating to see such a cool device for sale on your website but no information about its operational features other than the basics specs.



          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Alcatel Linkzone Wifi Hotspot

            I gotcha, barcodeable - I wish I used one so I could tell you!  Sometimes our stores are a great resource since they have the opportunity to work with equipment "hands on", although they may not work with every device or explore every aspect.  Calling in, you may luck into speaking with someone who uses one of these hotspots, but truly what every representative will have at their disposal is that exact same User Manual, which regrettably does not offer any how-to steps for utilizing the memory!  That said, I did find a User Manual for a different hotspot when combing through other forums, and that equipment does allow file sharing between connected devices via the SD card, managed by the admin.  It would be awesome if this product did the same - I'll cross my fingers that another user can speak from experience!


            - Marissa

            • spesholized

              Re: Alcatel Linkzone Wifi Hotspot

              The SD card slot is quite useless on this device. With an SD card installed, the hotspot also becomes an external storage when you plug into a computer via USB. The transfer speed is very slow and the card is automatically formatted once it's installed. Make sure there's nothing important on your SD before you try this out.


              I don't believe there is wireless file sharing with the SD card. At least it's not mentioned in the manual and I can't find that feature in the web UI.

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