Android Updates Release Details


    I get his notification on my phone that there's an update. This notification is persistent as hell often times popping up right in the middle of me using my phone and by default there is only one button to accidentally press. Is anyone else familiar with this? Well, I took the time to finally read this VIRUS LIKE INTRUSIVE message to see if there was in fact anything I would like to update my phone with. Sure enough there is absolutely nothing in the message about what the update does or details of what it entails nor any additional info before hand as to weather I'm going to have to sell more of my soul to be able to continue using my phone. In fact this message is so generic it might as well be a virus because there is absolutely nothing about it that certifies it's coming from T-Mobile.


    So then I see some ridiculously long version number within the message and had to google and dig to find a document by T-mobile that supposedly details the changes.

    Update Details.jpg


    Now, I'm sure there's more to it that this. Right? I mean my phone has been bugging me 3 or 4 times daily non stop about this update and this is how much importance t-mobile gives it? 1 Sentence? Can someone please tell me where the rest of this document is?

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