T-mobile illegally locked non t-mobile iPhone 7


    T-mobile illegally locked non t-mobile iPhone 7. I bought iPhone 7 from target mobile. This is non t-mobile device. T-mobile should not lock this device. But it is locked to t-mobile since t-mobile sim card was used one time. Please note this iPhone was regionally unlocked in USA. But t-mobile locked this iPhone illegally. Whenever I insert non t-mobile sim card, I am getting Invalid sim card error. T-mobile escalation case number for this issue is 1331391. I need the status of this escalation. I am trying to get this unlocked for last 3 weeks. T-mobile is not unlocking it. every time they promise they will unlock it. But they never unlock. Its a nightmare for me.


    Apple customer service informed me that this iPhone is locked to t-mobile. Apple do not unlock the phones. They advised to contact t-mobile to unlock the phone

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