MMS sent photo quality is terrible


    I have a Galaxy J7, Unlimited plan, sending MMS over the network with all the default settings (checked them all yesterday)


    When I send a picture or pictures as MMS to anyone else regardless of their phone or network, it gets reduced from X MB to about 85 - 175kb.  I can see exactly what they are seeing, by looking in my Sent folder.


    I have to email the pictures or videos to people every single time which is an absolute joke and not able to do this reliably (I don't even have all my contacts email addresses and would take ages to send messages this way, but I've been doing it a few times because I'm forced to.)


    85k isn't even web quality, Facebook probably reduces my pictures posted around a few hundred Kb.  This is much worse.


    When anyone sends me an MMS with a picture it's crystal clear. On my phone, any pix you've sent unless it's a close up, if you try to look at fine details or zoom in anyone's face it's all jagged or blurry.

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