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    Hi, I have a T-Mobile hotspot plan.  I'm on the 'Simple Choice North America 10GB MI' for $50/mo.  We only use our hotspot in the summer and I was thinking of changing the plan to the 'Simple Choice North America 2GB MI' ($20/mo) plan until April.   Instead of putting the account in suspension or 'vacation' mode, I wanted to keep the account active in case we travel, so we can use the hotspot.  Also, by keeping the account active, we will accumulate 'Data Stash' data to use next summer.


    So my question is this.... When is the best time for me to change my plan?   My billing cycle ends on the 16th of each month, so should I change it on the 15th (day before)?   When I use the 'My T-Mobile' website, to change the plan, will it ask me when I want the changes to be effective?


    Just looking for pointers to make the transition go smoothly.


    Thanks in advance.



    P.S. we only have the hotspot plan with T-Mobile and do not have any phones or other devices.  Not sure if that makes a difference.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Changing plan advice

        Great questions! I totally understand wanting to downgrade to save some money while you are not using it. You can switch plans whenever you like but waiting till the last day of your cycle will make it easier to read it on your bill and you will avoid having prorated charges for partial month’s usage. As for the data stash, you would need a 6GB or higher plan in order to maintain your data stash and continue to accumulate it.

          • oneidalake

            Re: Changing plan advice

            Ahhh, good catch on the 'Data Stash' not being available on the plans less than 6GB.  So, I think what I will do is go to the 2GB plan until February or March, then switch back to the 10GB plan.  That way, I'll have some banked 'Data Stash' when we start using it again.   Also thanks for the advice on waiting until the last day of the cycle before switching.  It makes sense that it will make it easier to read on the bill.


            Off topic, We LOVE the Binge On service!  Its the reason we chose T-Mobile for our hotspot plan and it really enhances our internet usage.  Fantastic!!!


            I have another question, but I will create another conversation for that, since its unrelated to this topic.


            Thanks again!!!