Can't send or receive texts - HTC10


    I think this has been happening since the upgrade to the latest version of Android. HTC 10 loses the ability to send/receive texts. Everything else appears to be working fine. If I switch to airplane mode, wait a few seconds, then switch back, this seems to reset the test message service and I'll get all the texts that I didn't receive for whatever period of time this was happening. Powering down and re-booting works also but the airplane mode fix is faster of course. I usually notice this in the morning when the phone has been on but in standby (screen off) all night. There's no indication that I'm not getting messages and I've missed some important/time sensitive messages because of this. I don't seem to be 'losing' the messages, they are sent and apparently received by the phone but the messaging service isn't loading them or notifying me that I have texts. If I try to send texts, they sit in the outbound queue for a bit and then I get a message that the text could not be sent. Cycling the airplane mode and re-sending then allows me to send the text as normal and also seems to 'unstick' the queue and all my unreceived messages from overnight will come through.


    Anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue?

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