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    V20 color choices


      Does anyone know why the V20 shows as being available in 3 different colors online, but on Tmobile's website there is only one color choice

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          for now only titan color, im sure after full release more colors avalable. will it matter if you have a case on it anyway. i got the titan a week ago.

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            Because not everywhere will have every color. 


            Pink for example more than likely will be a Korea only color like the Samsung series of phones have unique colors specific to Korea.


            Generally there would be the other 2 colors, but often they require a certain amount per color purchase and some carriers feel the device will not sell well enough to carry both colors based on previous generation and market share penetration.  The bigger carriers may go for it simply because they have money to blow.

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              Hey sandersdad72 and thanks for using support!


              Sorry, I'm still just seeing the one color available. My guess is it was just the company's decision to not sell any other colors for this phone.